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R4P is a powerful solution for product demo, lead generation and outreach what helps businesses and individuals maximize their presentation and other content effectiveness and conversions.

Upload your content – video, presentation, podcast, article, advertisement, show, movie, music album, music video, audiobook, slideshow of your pictures – anything you want. 

Receive a notification when your content is being viewed or listened to and join the conversation with your viewers and listeners to generate leads.

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How it works

Unlike presentation creation tools, ROI4Presenter offers a comprehensive set of features that allow you to optimize your existing content and make data-driven decisions to improve your results.

With our platform, you can track your presentation performance, analyze audience engagement, and receive actionable insights to help you achieve your goals.
Additionally, we are enabling clients to talk to your business in a matter of one click, helping you collect data on your leads from your YouTube videos, and customize your marketing materials with personalization to approach each prospect individually.
Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, or educator, ROI4Presenter is the perfect service to help you enhance your presentation skills and achieve your desired outcomes.

ROI4Presenter basic features

Link access

Listener access to the presentation via a link without downloading any app


Notifications that the listener has started watching the presentation and you can join

Pitch mode

Pitch mode - choose slides for demonstration of the main content in the minimum time

Lead forms

Setting up listener data collection forms, browsing history and reports. Send it to CRM

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Created for:


4 Sales managers &SDR

4 HR Managers & Recrutiers

4 Marketers & PR Managers

4 Buyers & Investors

4 Journalists & Bloggers​

Startup Presenter

4 Online Stores & Retailing

Pitch Avatar with AI features



Implemented integrations enable:
  • use of service files hosted on Google Drive, YouTube, presentations in PPTX and PDF formats
  • receiving data  from lead forms and on listener activity from HubSpot CRM and Salesforce
  • generating links to presentations immediately without leaving your Gmail, Outlook or LinkedIn inbox with the R4P Customer Catcher chrome extension
  • automation of a variety of workflows through Zapier (linking R4P with Slack, SendPulse and more)
Integrations for effective sale presentations

ROI4Presenter highlighted in media


Serhii Taboranskyi, photo

All B2B sellers are well aware of how difficult it is to reach the decision maker. The maximum that you can count on at the first contact is 2-3 minutes of attention. And for such tasks, we at Softprom started using sales tools from the Roi4Presenter team, in which we quickly and conveniently 'pack' our value propositions, send a link to them using various communication channels (LinkedIn, Telegram, e-mail, etc.), and when viewing them, we instantly connect and answer additional questions.

It's amazing how Roi4Presenter has shortened the sales cycle in some cases! While our competitors are holding webinars and sending out cold emails, we are entering into new contracts. And given that Roi4Presenter allows you to create extensive libraries of presentations, using them as part of Sales Enablement, the name of the product fully justifies its name and will definitely be useful to any sales department.


ROI4Presenter will get rid of the routine and save time. Try for Free and see for yourself!