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About the Project

ROI4Presenter is a web service for online interactive presentations with which you can catch listeners when they open presentations and speak with them live via a browser.

Now a portfolio of presentations is in your pocket and available to show to clients anytime, anywhere.

The presenter can make a presentation at any time, by sending a link to the listener. The listener can watch it online right away or later, as the presentation is recorded, ask questions, rate slides and share. The presenter is notified when someone connects and can join the presentation live, take control, and dialogue with the listener. You can highlight only the most important content in the presentation, and show the main idea/feature in 2-3 minutes in the special ‘pitch’ mode.

Engage your audience, improve your presentations and save time!

Infographic that explains the benefits of using ROI4Presenter

Our story

Online presentations should attract the attention of as many people as possible to the presentation’s subject. What? Who is Captain Obvious? Okay, let’s admit this statement is really a banal axiom. So, here’s a question for you: “Why do so many presentations do a poor job of this task?” Even the most awesome among them are not always as effective as the presenters would like. It would seem that everything is simple, beautiful, and accessible, but the return is only so-so. What is wrong? “The world has changed,” we reply with the words of the Elf Queen.

One of the main reasons for the low effectiveness of online presentations is not in their quality, but in the fact that they do not reach their audience. And if they do reach them, they do not fulfill their function. In just a few years, remote presentations have evolved from: “It’s great that you don’t have to go anywhere for the sake of a presentation,” to “Where can I find the time to be on time everywhere?” The Web is drowning in an ocean of presentation content. Your potential client may simply have other plans for the time when you are holding your event.

Frustrated businessman in front of a computer
A thinking man with a worried face

“And what about a recorded presentation?” – you ask. Yes, you can watch a recorded presentation. But it lacks the function for which many attend online presentations. Which one? Right! The viewer does not have the opportunity to ask questions of interest for them! This, despite the fact that the answers to them are contained in the presentation itself. And even if they are, they are not facts that imbue the viewer with the desire to receive them such that they are ready to carefully watch and listen to the entire presentation. If they are distracted by a call, message, or an actual problem, then that’s it, goodbye potential client.

Let each of us remember our experience of attending online presentations. How many times have we, being interested in just a couple of aspects related to the presentation’s subject, watched it, as they say, with one eye, doing something else at the same time and waiting for the opportunity to ask our questions?

Probably everyone who has attended online presentations, at least once in their life, would like the presentation to be held personally for them, so that at any time you can communicate with the presenter, ask clarifying questions, or even interrupt the presentation altogether and discuss your points of interest in detail.

The presenter, of course, would be happy if they could conduct their presentation around the clock, seven days a week. Then it would be possible to gradually cover the entire circle of potential customers with it. But this, of course, is impossible. Or not? With this question in mind, we started working on the Roi4Presenter service. And, as it seems to us, we have an almost perfect presentation platform that provides a direct connection between the online presentation visitor and the presenter, when it is convenient for them, as a result.

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Here's how it works

You can Sign up in the app or on the website and add pptx, pdf or video

Choose a presentation type, level of details and functions will be available to your listeners. You will recieve a notification when the listener starts viewing.

You can connect to continue to control presentation. Use your camera and microphone to get closer to the listener.

Get reports via email, integrate with your CRM or find in your profile on service or in mobile app


Expert Dedicated Team

20+ team members located in Ukraine, Austria and around the world. Our team members’ experience in IT projects ranges from 5 to 25 years.

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Paul Zhdanovych


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Anna Sannikova


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Victoria Abed


Max Lupey


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