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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing every industry, and we at ROI4Presenter are no exception! 😎

Our IT team had been working on a virtual presentation assistant even before the public release of ChatGPT. But, with its introduction, we were able to simplify some of our tasks. That’s why, in April, ROI4Presenter released multiple AI-powered features.

Let’s take a look at text generation for slides based on a prompt (a text task for AI).

It works pretty simply:

1. Enter text idea/task;

2. Get the result.

And that’s it!

ROI4Presenter AI text generation feature screenshot


If you need to extract text from your slides, click on the “Generate text” button, and our service will do its best to pull it out for you. You can also make two versions of scripts (short and long) on every slide.

ROI4Presenter AI text generation feature for each slide screenshot


After you or the AI have written everything you need in the script field, you’ll be able to audio narrate the slide with the help of the AI. For this, click on the “Generate audio” button.

Before doing so, make sure to copy the text you want to be voiced: for now, the voice-over window opens separately from script editing. You can choose different languages, accents, and moods in sounds.

ROI4Presenter AI audio generation feature screenshot


But that’s not all: we couldn’t stop halfway through implementing innovation! You can now generate a video using artificial intelligence by clicking on the “Generate video message” button and choosing your preferred settings.

Upload your photo and wait a bit for the AI to work its magic! Note, that the longer the text, the longer it will take to generate).

ROI4Presenter AI video generation feature screenshot


Just keep in mind that video generation is currently limited to 1000 characters, and the text needs to be copied in advance, as the window for the video opens empty. Once the AI has finished generating the video, you can save it and see a square with the recorded video on the bottom left of your slide.

For example, this is how our video generation turned out:


If you are satisfied with the result, click Save. Once you’ve saved and closed the window, you’ll see a square with the recorded video on the bottom left of your slide.

ROI4Presenter AI video generation is successful screenshot


We also added updates to the ROI4Buyer functionality we wrote about last month. Now users can create triggers, for example, to go to a specific slide by voice command. The “Triggers” section has been added to the main CMS panel. You can already work with them, but we’re still fine-tuning them.

So, say goodbye to boring presentations with the service’s features and stay tuned to see ROI4Presenter becoming the most engaging and efficient presentation service!🚀

ROI4Presenter’s Team

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