Forget About Images – Make Presentations!

You can’t sell a product without a good presentation© George Dunlop – The Goldfish Seller One of the most amazing phenomena in modern, online sales  is the continuing reliance on images by retailers. Despite the ever-increasing competition, most online stores still provide the customer with a brief description and two or three photographs, which are […]

Is Live Communication Possible In Online Stores?

Let’s try to understand whether the advantages of traditional communication between the seller and the client can be transferred to online trading?   Worldwide shopping on screen In recent years, online sales have evolved from an alternative to classic stores and markets into one of the whales on which modern business is based. In developed […]

How Important Is a Presentation Skill?

How important are presentation skills? Shortly speaking, the ability to present yourself, your idea, your product is really important. An effective presentation will help you present your projects, plans, and products to an audience, both online and offline. This is a valuable life skill that will help in your education, career, and even your personal […]

Presentations don’t sell, people do

People never became technophobes © WallpaperCave Once upon a time, science fiction writers predicted that machines would force people out of their trades, and that they would regret this turn in the path of progress. But those fears were not justified. People are happy to use novelties that open up new opportunities for both buyers […]

24/7 Startup Money Search

Do you have a startup and are you looking for a backer? Say, an angel investor or a venture capitalist? Or perhaps you are betting on crowdfunding or want to attract the attention of managers from the relevant departments of credit institutions? Congratulations and welcome…no, not to a club or even an army, but to […]

We Are Against Russian Agression

ROI4CIO has officially stopped providing services to Russian and Belarusian individuals and companies. Helping businesses in these aggressor countries goes against the civil position and values ​​of the entire ROI4CIO team.  That’s why ROI4CIO has blocked accounts and removed content from these countries’ users. You have read the original article. It is also available in […]