Why and how to use AI in business?

Here are some tips from the ROI4Presenter team that will help organize the implementation of artificial intelligence in the work of companies and enterprises.   Whether someone likes it or not, the current state of affairs is such that successful business without AI-based tools is impossible today. Apparently, this trend will last for a long […]

How to turn emotions into an effective presenter tool?

How to turn emotions into an effective presenter tool?

Whether we like it or not, we communicate with each other through emotions. What we feel during communication is conveyed to our interlocutors in various non-verbal ways and, to some extent, affects their decisions and conclusions. Often, this happens at a subconscious level.   What does this mean? That’s right! A speaker who can consciously […]

Surprising presentation viewers – how, and for what purpose?

The colorful and surprising is hard to resist...(C) Peter Paul Rubens - Adam and Eve

Let’s start by answering the second part of the question first. For what purpose? Of course, the answer is to increase conversions and drive sales. Please take immediate note that, even if you are working with non-commercial presentations, don’t be in rush to close this tab. The methods used to make a sale are also […]

Oktoberfest of our updates!

Hello everyone! October is not only the time of wonderful holidays like Oktoberfest or Halloween, but also the time of the next ROI4Presenter improvements.   Our great development team reacts rapidly to new user needs, makes additions and develops the solution quickly. But the business department is also constantly thinking about what else we can […]

How to properly introduce your team?

We would like to talk about the best ways of introducing your company’s key employees to your audience.   First of all, let’s understand why this is important. Indeed, the modern presentation trend is brevity. So why waste time on information unrelated to the features and functions of the product/good/service being presented? Because the pros […]

How to properly answer questions from online presentation viewers?

We provide a few tips that will help satisfy the audience’s curiosity so they can’t refuse your offer.   First, let’s understand why the “question and answer” mode is needed in an online presentation. To satisfy the curiosity of the inquirers? Well, as a secondary goal, it will do. But the primary purpose of questions […]

What do viewers want?

Let’s talk about the approach that underlies a truly successful presentation.   Don’t be Salespeople   What do most presenters think about when they start working on an online event? What do they prioritize? Of course, their product, their merchandise, their idea! The desire to sell, inform, and communicate is the starting point for most […]

Pitch Avatar makes it to The Europas 2023 List: Let’s Win Together!

  Dear friends and fellow innovators, we have thrilling news to share! Pitch Avatar has landed a coveted spot on The Europas 2023 List, and we’re on cloud nine. But this recognition isn’t just about us; it’s a testament to the incredible community that has stood by us and the exceptional ROI4Presenter team who made […]