A Win-Win Resume, or a Presentation of Yourself

Picture by Giovanni Paolo Pannini – The Lottery in Piazza di Montecitorio Everyone knows it is challenging to find a good job by posting personal resumes on specialized services. As to find the ideal employee or contractor, too. This is a real lottery with little chance of success and minimal jackpot. This is because most […]

ROI4Presenter: We Catch Clients, Save Time and Rescue Presenters from Boring Routines

We speak about the key advantages of the service and the application, which allow you to minimize your efforts given to obtain and warm up leads using online events. Online presentations, designed to facilitate the process of finding clients, can easily turn into a real headache in practice. Let’s remember the main problems that we […]

“Play” and “Win” the Presentation by the Team

Picture by Gustave Caillebotte’s, Oarsmen Rowing on the Yerres The vast majority of presentations are solo. However, teamwork has many undeniable advantages. We list the main ones: Eliminate pressure and negative associations. Statistics say that about three-quarters of adults have a fear of public speaking. In other words, for most presenters and speakers, participation in […]

Online Presentation: Recorded Vs Live

Do you need to create a special version of an online event to post and send as a recording? Yes, yes, and yes again. We will tell you why. Until now, many presenters believed that a presentation must take place live. Recording online events has been treated by many as of secondary importance, and they […]

The Best Presentation is a Good Story

Picture by Georg Bergman – The Narrator Did you know that, statistically, about 80% of online event attendees think the materials are boring. This is, to put it mildly, a sad fact for presenters. And this, we note, despite the fact that from 70% to 90% of regular viewers of online presentations believe that this […]

Google Chrome email extensions for salespeople

On the occasion of the release of ROI4Presenter Customer Catcher, we have prepared an overview of some of the most useful theme tools in the Chrome store. ROI4Presenter Customer Catcher Let’s begin, certainly, by drawing your attention to our product. What is Roi4Presener Customer Catcher? It is an extension you can use to create a […]

Without Engagement, Online Presentation Does Not Work

The audience should participate actively in the presentation. Picture by Fedor Bronnikov – Carnival in Rome. One of the reasons why the Roi4Presenter team puts so much emphasis on feedback and interaction is the considerable role played by viewer engagement in online events. According to statistics, more than 90% of presentation visitors tend to be […]

Using Humor During a Presentation

Jokes should get leads too. (C) Neil David – Clowns “Yes,” we will answer after many experienced speakers and … “No,” based on the opinion of their no less authoritative colleagues. Paradox? That is only if we’re talking about jokes in general. But if you understand the topic a little, the contradiction with which we […]

ROI4Presenter: our 2022

Oh, such a touching moment! This is our ROI4Presenter’s first annual digest 💙 The project itself is a bit older than the digest, about half a year. Though, it is difficult to calculate exactly when the Presenter project was born. Was it with the first thoughts on how cool it would be if there was […]

Are we ready to create the future?

At the recent Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, one of the main topics of the forum was outlinedby its founder, Paddy Cosgrave. During the opening he called for work on future technologies. “The future starts right now,” he recalled. His speech echoed the speech of the mayor of the Portuguese capital – Carlos Moedas, the […]