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Do you spend a lot of time looking for products, services, business partners or investment projects?

Professionals who have to look for products, services, business partners or investment projects know how time-consuming and complex this process is, often requiring multiple repetitions of the same questions. This inevitably entails a lot of online and offline meetings, meetings, phone calls for clarifications, clarifications, resolving additional issues, etc. Such work devours the time of managers at the speed of a forest fire going through dead wood, breaking plans and schedules.

Especially to speed up and automate this process, the Roi4Presenter team has developed a new solution - Roi4Buyer. With it, you create an interactive 'skeleton' questionnaire, filling out which a potential supplier or partner, in fact, creates a presentation for you.

How does it work?

Let's imagine

that you are looking for a supplier of Martian rovers. There are several companies on the market that can build these rovers to your specifications. Accordingly, you ask questions regarding both the general purpose of the rover and individual details. For example:

Are you ready to develop and supply all-terrain vehicles for working in Mars conditions with a payload of up to five tons? Answer options: Yes. No.

Our all-terrain vehicle will need a cabin in which up to three people can live and work autonomously, without contact with the external environment, for up to three days. Are you ready to develop such a cabin, equipped with a driver’s and navigator’s station, a laboratory area, a galley, a latrine, places to rest, an airlock in front of the entrance and an insulated cargo compartment for storing collected samples weighing up to 500 kg? Answer options: Yes. No. Please attach a visualization of your idea of the design of such a cabin.


The chassis of the all-terrain vehicle must be able to confidently overcome such terrain. (Photos and/or videos attached). Are you ready to develop it? Answer options: Yes. No. Please attach a visualization of your idea of ​​possible options for such a chassis.

The wind force on Mars can reach 10 m/s. At the same time, dust storms lasting up to 100 days occur on Mars. It looks like this: (photo, video). Are you ready to design a machine that moves confidently in such conditions, sufficiently protected from dust and debris that the wind can carry? Answer options: Yes. No. Which protection option would you choose? Please describe it in audio or video.

What engine option would you choose for a Martian rover? Please provide a text based answer.

Please attach a visualization of your idea of ​​the design and internal layout of the Martian rover. Please comment on it with audio or video.

Well, and so on and so forth.

Choose the best

As a result, you will receive a full presentation from a potential manufacturer of a Martian rover, you can compare it with the presentations of potential competitors and choose the best possible supplier.


R4P helps attract and warm up potential customers

Moreover, some of them will be able to sell virtually, without your participation, becoming more efficient and honed with frequent use.