Can one expect success without AI technologies?

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Let’s address the question posed in the title right off the bat. Based on our observations, the answer is quite negative, particularly in the IT industry.

Recently, our team launched Pitch Avatar, an AI presentation assistant, on Product Hunt. This tool complements and expands the capabilities of our main service, ROI4Presenter. We’re thrilled that we secured the third spot in the Product of the Day voting. It’s a remarkable achievement, especially considering the tool primarily targets businesses. However, we never doubted the potential interest in Pitch Avatar

Online presentations and similar content have become vital for capturing the attention of potential customers. Pitch Avatar incorporates several concepts to simplify working with online content while boosting its effectiveness. It excels in various functions, aiding users in both preparing and delivering presentations seamlessly.

Yet, securing a spot among the top five best products of the week in the Artificial Intelligence category mattered even more to us. Such a list on Product Hunt reaffirms that the popularity of AI-related programs is not merely a passing trend but a long-term phenomenon. In a week, about 350 products appear on Product Hunt, and according to our observations, about half of them are products using AI.

These programs are evolving into indispensable tools for businesses and society. To illustrate the breadth of modern AI products, let’s explore some offerings featured alongside Pitch Avatar in the top day and top week rankings.


Clientzen screenshot

An AI-based feedback analysis service that gathers reviews from multiple sources and performs automatic analysis, assessing customer satisfaction with products or services.

This convenient solution is specifically designed for managers who strive to uphold the timeless principle that “the customer is always right.” screenshot

An easy-to-use AI-powered avatar generator offering a wide range of styles for mobile devices. While it may initially seem like a playful toy, this tool is much more than meets the eye.

It’s a valuable resource for individuals who actively engage in social networks and adopt a conceptual approach, allowing them to change avatars to suit different circumstances effortlessly.

AI Marketing by Martekings

AI Marketing screenshot

A set of AI solutions, tools, and guides to enhance marketing efficiency and streamline workflows, specifically designed for managers who are avid proponents of all-in-one services. screenshot

An app designed to revolutionize your writing experience. Whether you’re facing writer’s block or need a creative boost, this app is here to rescue you.

With its wide array of AI features and intelligent tips, is the perfect assistant for teachers, managers, students, authors, and anyone seeking inspiration. Say goodbye to frozen imagination. screenshot

An AI-powered omnichannel system that revolutionizes the way you create and deliver hyper-personalized content. The platform writes scripts, runs campaigns, and sends messages through various channels, boosting email open rates and enhancing overall campaign performance.

Primarily designed for businesses, proves its versatility by catering to individuals who require a dynamic and constantly evolving lineup of correspondents. 

Sivi AI

Sivi AI screenshot

AI-based textual description design generator that stands out from the rest. It’s not just “another one” in the market; Sivi AI is creating pages,  banners, ads, collages, slides, and more. Streamlines the process of visual’s creation and saves time and effort.


Argil screenshot

Automates and optimizes workflows effortlessly, all without the need for coding knowledge. One of the standout features of Argil is its ability to leverage AI training based on user data. Who can benefit from Argil? The answer is simple: everyone.

Factual On-Brand AI Writer


Writesonic, factual on brand writer screenshot

An AI-powered text generator that, by analysing the information provided to it, including documents, sample emails, posts, links to blogs, and even PDF files, generates content that perfectly embodies the desired brand voice.

What have we learned from the launch?

The takeaway from our experience is crystal clear: whether it’s crafting compelling texts, engaging with clients, or conducting impactful online presentations, the incorporation of AI significantly streamlines processes and enhances overall efficiency. The undeniable necessity of AI has rendered non-adaptive IT products outdated and vulnerable to obsolescence.

AI technologies are pivotal for success in any field of endeavour. They are the cornerstone of success and the driving force behind staying ahead of the curve. They are the catalysts for progress and the critical drivers of gaining a competitive edge.

Pitch Avatar team by ROI4Presenter

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