Catch a client using a link for a product demo

Just one link – and you have a presentation that is available 24/7 and the chance to get a hot lead thanks to online communication.

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Go to new sales with a new tool!

How many product demonstration methods and options have you tried? There are many of them, from simple slideshows and videos, to links to a page for booking a personal online presentation. And all of them can be replaced by Roi4Presenter.

How does it work?

You are creating a presentation. You decide for yourself exactly how it will look. It can be a video, slide show, recording of your product presentation at an exhibition, lecture or an excursion - it depends only on your desire and imagination.

Upload it to Roi4Presenter, add audio, FAQ and select slides for the pitch mode (it’s a special mode, which introduces the main content in the minimum amount of time). Set up your show and link it to the product demo button or add it to your web page in frame. See our guide.

The client opens the presentation. At this point, you or your authorized employee will receive a message that someone is watching your presentation and you can immediately inform the client that you are ready to chat and answer questions.


You can customize the presentation so that the client themself can take the initiative and invite the presenter to talk. The format in which the communication will take place depends on the settings you have chosen and the client’s desire. It can be video, audio or text chat.

What happens next depends on your art of communicating, persuading and selling. It is important that you catch the lead in a warm state, not letting them cool down, which means that there are many more chances to warm the lead up until they are hot.

Don't disappoint your potential customers

Replace boring ‘Book a Demo’ buttons with an instant presentation with the ability to join

Time is money. Don’t waste it by creating a complicated personal presentation booking page on your site. Imagine yourself in the place of a still cold potential client. They have just started to warm up, having been acquainted with an interesting product review or a beautiful demo video.

The client clicked on the “get/schedule/request/watch a demo” button, or whatever you call it…and immediately got a cold shower in the form of a page with a questionnaire in the style of “You fill out, and we will contact you. Then. Maybe.” Keep in mind that a potential client most likely already has had a negative experience with this format. Perhaps because no one contacted them. The same applies to the simpler option: “ask a question and a manager will answer you soon.”

Use Roi4Presenter to combine product demos and real customer interaction and instant communication.

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