ROI4Presenter Corporate Learning Solution

Learning that boosts productivity, retention, and growth.

AI-powered solution that provides personalized engaging training for your employees, partners and customers

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ROI4Presenter let you easily create personalized training presentations

Boost your employees and partners performance

Reduce time for repeating the same presentation

Analyze each session and your slides performance

Localize coursed into any language in one click

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Why to choose ROI4Presenter for corporate training?

ROI4Presenter is not another Learning Management System (LMS). It is a platform for effective content delivery that has artificial intelligence on board. It allows to combine different types of content, like slides, pdf and videos in a single presentation, deliver it to the listener as efficiently as possible, set up automatic interactions with the listener and get detailed reports on each session.

ROI4Presenter is also a unique feedback system. If the listener gets any question he could call the presenter, schedule a meeting or ask questions in chat. Thus, it completely eliminates one of the main drawbacks of LMS – the lack of direct contact between the author and the listener.

 By using ROI4Presenter, you can increase the effectiveness of your courses and stimulate your business growth.

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of employees are willing to change jobs to move to an organization that invests in staff training

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of new information is forgotten within 48 hours, so training must be repeated regularly


Deliver your learning programs effectively

One platform for employees, partners and customers

Deliver your learning programs effectively by utilizing a single solution for the education of your employees, partners and clients.. You can streamline your training efforts and provide a consistent learning experience across all user groups.

Whether it’s onboarding new employees, upskilling partners, or providing product knowledge to customers, a ROI4Presenter enables you to centralize your learning programs. You can create and deliver online courses, presentations, and assessments tailored to each audience’s specific needs.

You can easily share learning content via a link or embed it on your website

Personalize and localize learning

Customize learning programs with the advanced features of ROI4Presenter including personalization options and language translation capabilities.

You can easily translate learning materials into any language, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder the learning experience. This feature opens up your training programs to a global audience

Create personalized learning paths, based on users’ roles, skill levels, and learning objectives. This ensures that each learner receives content that is relevant and meaningful to their specific needs.

Drive engagement with interactivity

Give a voice to your slides by adding a voice-over in any language in two clicks. 

Our platform enables real-time interactions between learners and mentors. Live chat, video conferencing facilitate direct communication, allowing learners to seek clarification or ask questions. Or the mentor can set up his or her avatar presenter to communicate with the listener instead of him or her.

Do actionable insights from the analytics

Gain valuable insights from the analytics reports.

Employee’s onboarding will be at a comfortable tempo, and you save a lot of time repeating the same material and keeping track of their progress. 

You can access comprehensive analytics that provide a information about how long the listener viewed each slide, which ones they asked questions about, and which ones they stop viewing

This information can help you personalize and improve learning content.


The service works with PDF files, mp4, YouTube videos and content created using most popular constructors (Power Point, Canva, Keynote and others). 

ROI4Presenter is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. You can learn how we use and secure your data in our Privacy Policy

ROI4PResenter has a mobile application for iOS and Android with which your smartphone becomes the control panel for your show. It also receives notifications when the user has started watching the presentation. However, we recommend uploading presentations and setting them up on the web desktop, as it is more convenient)

You can connect R4P through HubSpot, Salesforce and Zapier. 

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Yes, you can use the free plan, but there are limitations compared to paid plans.

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