How Important Is a Presentation Skill?

How important are presentation skills? Shortly speaking, the ability to present yourself, your idea, your product is really important. An effective presentation will help you present your projects, plans, and products to an audience, both online and offline. This is a valuable life skill that will help in your education, career, and even your personal […]

Presentations don’t sell, people do

People never became technophobes © WallpaperCave Once upon a time, science fiction writers predicted that machines would force people out of their trades, and that they would regret this turn in the path of progress. But those fears were not justified. People are happy to use novelties that open up new opportunities for both buyers […]

Roi4Presenter for marketers

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Supercharge Outbound Sales With Presentations That Rock Your Audience Coffee steams on your desk. It’s Monday morning and you’re pursuing a lifelong dream, building your own business, or perhaps chasing a huge promotion at an established company. Opening your email inbox, you’re hoping to find responses to last week’s sales emails. Only you discover crickets, […]

Roi4Presenter for HR Managers

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One of the main disadvantages of being an HR manager is the tiring and time-consuming repetition both in individual communication – for example, with applicants, and when working with groups of employees. The need to repeat the same thing over and over again makes it difficult to focus on the creative component of personnel management […]

WOW-style presentations or Surprise effect in sales of complex products

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Every day, millions of digital presentations are shown around the world. Most of them fail to catch the attention of the target audience and only a few are remembered by the listeners. As many studies show, it is easiest to attract attention to a speech if it contains an element that breaks patterns. But where […]

Perpetual Webinar on Your Website that Brings Client Meetings

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These days, in a pandemic world, webinars remain one of the most demanded sources of information about products and solutions. A huge advantage of the online seminar, which radically distinguishes them from a simple offline presentation, is the possibility of live communication with an expert speaker.   On many sites, users have the opportunity to […]

The power of a word. Why the role of voice in presentations is so important

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The strength of a public speech depends not so much on the content of the speech as on how it was delivered. Ancient orators noted this paradoxical fact. Even more surprising is that today, when people seem to be more rational, little has changed. The audience still perceives the timbre, emotionality, melody and other characteristics […]