24/7 Startup Money Search

Do you have a startup and are you looking for a backer? Say, an angel investor or a venture capitalist? Or perhaps you are betting on crowdfunding or want to attract the attention of managers from the relevant departments of credit institutions? Congratulations and welcome…no, not to a club or even an army, but to […]

Roi4Presenter for marketers

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Supercharge Outbound Sales With Presentations That Rock Your Audience Coffee steams on your desk. It’s Monday morning and you’re pursuing a lifelong dream, building your own business, or perhaps chasing a huge promotion at an established company. Opening your email inbox, you’re hoping to find responses to last week’s sales emails. Only you discover crickets, […]

The most effective Inside Sales assistants


The importance of Inside Sales in the post-COVID world has grown significantly, as door-to-door, personal, “external” sales have been standing or working with delays for almost a year. For example, in the United States, more than half of the nearly 6 million sellers are engaged in inside sales. Inside Sales differs from Telesales primarily in […]

Make your slides sellable: B2B virtual presentation tools


Share This Post An overview of software solutions that simplify the creation and storage of presentations and improve the content, making it more engaging and sellable. Unclosed deals When taking a simplistic look at the sales funnel, there are three main parts. The top portion is advertising and interaction with potential leads through marketing channels: […]

Learn to test drive online

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Please keep in mind – this does not mean that the art of direct communication between a car salesperson and a customer should be written off as unnecessary and put in the archive. Quite the opposite, in fact.   Let’s start with a meaningful fact – the volume of global car sales has grown significantly […]

Roi4Presenter for HR Managers

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One of the main disadvantages of being an HR manager is the tiring and time-consuming repetition both in individual communication – for example, with applicants, and when working with groups of employees. The need to repeat the same thing over and over again makes it difficult to focus on the creative component of personnel management […]

Roi4Presenter now integrates with Hubspot

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Roi4Presenter integration with HubSpot increases the efficiency and control of sales presentations and webinars. The product is designed for salespeople and marketers to conduct outreach campaigns, make presentations to clients, onboard employees using presentations and organize non-stop webinars.   It allows users to:   create web links to recorded presentations with sound from Roi4Presenter directly […]

WOW-style presentations or Surprise effect in sales of complex products

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Every day, millions of digital presentations are shown around the world. Most of them fail to catch the attention of the target audience and only a few are remembered by the listeners. As many studies show, it is easiest to attract attention to a speech if it contains an element that breaks patterns. But where […]

How to turn an online presentation into a 24-hour store

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Have you ever wondered what distinguishes an online presentation from a regular commercial?   You have prepared a video or slide deck with the purpose of selling a product or event. Is it good enough to be spread everywhere on the internet and considered an online presentation? I am sure that experienced presenters will answer, […]

Perpetual Webinar on Your Website that Brings Client Meetings

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These days, in a pandemic world, webinars remain one of the most demanded sources of information about products and solutions. A huge advantage of the online seminar, which radically distinguishes them from a simple offline presentation, is the possibility of live communication with an expert speaker.   On many sites, users have the opportunity to […]