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Do you have a startup and are you looking for a backer? Say, an angel investor or a venture capitalist? Or perhaps you are betting on crowdfunding or want to attract the attention of managers from the relevant departments of credit institutions? Congratulations and welcome…no, not to a club or even an army, but to […]

Perpetual Webinar on Your Website that Brings Client Meetings

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These days, in a pandemic world, webinars remain one of the most demanded sources of information about products and solutions. A huge advantage of the online seminar, which radically distinguishes them from a simple offline presentation, is the possibility of live communication with an expert speaker.   On many sites, users have the opportunity to […]

Anatomy of a webinar: optimal duration, conversion, and something most important

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The ideal webinar duration is 45-60 minutes People usually spend only 30 minutes watching a webinar recording Employees of commercial companies watch, on average, one webinar per week On average, only 35-45% of registered people actually attend the webinar Based on the results of the webinar, usually only 17-19% of listeners become clients Half of […]