Extension for Chrome

Set up a show and create a link to your presentation directly from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Linkedin

Sales managers like to make presentations! Customers always attend presentations!

Actually not 🙁

Roi4Presenter will help you.

Put in your email web link on your presentation and forget. Presentations will be done offline or online and you will get a report.

Making presentations has never been easier

Upload your presentation to service.

Configure presentation recording.

Put in your email web link

a link to your presentation directly from Gmail
Extension for Gmail blog picture

You could see what the listener sees and hears in the recorded presentation. You could catch customer and communicate online with video.

All information about how much time the listener spent on each slide of the presentation will be available in CRM and email reports.

You no longer have to worry about missing the scheduled presentation, forgetting the answer to the question, and not saving data in CRM. 

No, you will not repeat again and again the same presentation. You will get unique information when, and what the listener was shown, what the listener was interested in.

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