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Watch presentations that answer exactly your questions

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Do you spend a lot of time looking for products, services, business partners or investment projects?

Professionals who have to look for products, services, business partners or investment projects know how time-consuming and complex this process is, often requiring multiple repetitions of the same questions. This inevitably entails a lot of online and offline meetings, meetings, phone calls for clarifications, clarifications, resolving additional issues, etc. Such work devours the time of managers at the speed of a forest fire going through dead wood, breaking plans and schedules.

Especially to speed up and automate this process, the ROI4Presenter team has developed a new solution - you create an interactive 'skeleton' questionnaire, filling out which a potential supplier or partner, in fact, creates a presentation for you.

How does it work?


Create an interactive presentation-questionnaire, in which you can ask each question in the text, slide, video, or audio. 


Send the link to potential suppliers or partners. You can also answer questions using the entire set of Roi4Presenter tools.


When the questionnaire is completed, you receive a link to the created presentation.


ROI4Presenter integrations
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Save you from the routine, not let you miss the most important

Do you have to listen to confusing, long and often irrelevant presentations for the
sake of a couple of slides and little to no answers to your questions? 

How do you listen to all the presentations and not miss an interesting offer?

Delegate routine communication with your suppliers and those who show you presentations to your virtual assistant with Roi4Presenter.


All functions of ROI4Presenter are available

The interactive questionnaire retains all the functionality of a ROI4Presenter presentation. 

You will be quickly notified when someone is working with your presentation, and are able to communicate your desire to personally connect to the presentation, set up the “Call Presenter ” button and use other features.

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Attend only those presentations that deserve your attention

Stop drowning in a presentation you don’t have time for