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Use a powerful new tool that allows to get out of the routine and focus on solving creative problems.

Tired of time-consuming repetition?

An excellent way out of repetition is the use of presentations. Take, for example, work with applicants. It is enough to prepare a story about the company and the requirements for a position once - and the problem, it would seem, is solved. Or, let's say, an HR manager needs to convey to their colleagues the essence of changes in a company's policy.

By sending out the appropriate presentation, you can close this issue with minimal time and effort spent.

How does it work?

for hr - how it works

Watch now

Try effective feedback system

As soon as someone starts watching the presentation, you receives a message about this and can inform the visitor about their desire to connect. You can communicate in video or audio mode, and in text chat. 

The settings allow you to enable the ‘call presenter’ function. In other words, an employee or applicant who is getting acquainted with the presentation can inform you about their desire to communicate, ask questions, etc. 



Make instant onboarding

Upload content, give your colleagues links, and keep track of their browsing progress. There is no need to repeat the same material and answer the same questions many times.. 

Roi4Presenter has flexible access settings and you can restrict access to your content to employees of your company only.

The presentation can be supplemented with scripts containing tips and recommendations to new employees on company presentation, greatly simplifying onboarding process and they will be able to work almost immediately.

You can embed the URLs of the pages to which they would like to draw special attention to during the presentation. In this case, the user will be able to study them in a frame, without leaving the presentation. For example, these can be pages with educational tasks or examples of real tasks facing the company, thanks to which you can test the applicant or employee’s knowledge. In addition, tasks to check the level of the applicant’s preparation can be placed in the presentation itself and answers can be  given in a text chat.

Automate surveys and interview

Create a presentation-questionnaire in Roi4Presenter. Places it on those resources where you to catch potential employees and / or sends a link to it to job seekers.

The applicant can open the link and take the presentation-survey at any time convenient for him. De facto, his answers turn the presentation report into an up-to-date resume with data that the recruiter is interested in.

You receives ready-made survey results-reports for each participant by mail. Based on them, you make a decision about personal communication with applicants.

More interviews, less wasted time, more contracts!

Use Roi4Presenter to save your time and the time of your colleagues