Make Your Lead Funnel More Efficient At Every Stage

ROI4Presenter is an advanced tool for creating lead magnets, warming up leads and retaining customers.

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Take leads from awareness to action with ROI4Presenter!

Thanks to a number of integrated functions, ROI4Presenter is not only a presentation service, but also an effective way to communicate with potential and existing customers, and promptly respond to their questions and requests.

A presentation created inROI4Presenter can literally work 24/7 - in fact, it is a non-stop webinar that acts as a lead magnet, which you can embed on your website or other resource where you catch customers.

How does it work?

Upload and set up your presentation with a lead form on ROI4Presenter and embed it on your website

Сommunicate with potential clients and collect their contacts in a lead form during the presentation

Integrate contacts into your CRM system for further use by the marketing department and sales team

At the right time, in the right place.

Our service is a unique feedback system that allows you to start working with the client exactly when they start watching your presentation: as soon as someone enters the presentation, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone.

You can send a message to the viewer that you are online and ready to chat right now, answer any questions that arise during the presentation, and discuss anything that was not included in the presentation. This is a great opportunity to work on warming up the lead.

Moreover, realizing that it is difficult to overestimate the value of the moment when a potential client is ready to ask questions, we have provided a “call presenter” button, which allows a visitor to signal that they want to chat with a click.

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A ROI4Presenter's lead form example with indicated integrations with Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce and Gmail

Collect warm leads

In addition, you have the opportunity to set up a lead form to collect contact data that can be automatically integrated into your CRM system and a report with information about user activity following the presentation.

All this will help not only in sales and the formation of a client base, but also in your work retaining leads. For example, this can be of invaluable assistance when preparing and distributing presentations on your new products and goods.

Explore reports and improve your content

You can study reports on individual client activity during the presentation to build tactics for working with each of them.

You give recommendations on the preparation of new presentations aimed at customer retention and help in creating and working with these presentations.

Learn more about how to create and customize a presentation in ROI4Presenter here.

ROI4Presenter presentation opened on a laptop, with a text pop-up "Your solution fits great for my business"

R4P helps attract and warm up potential customers

Some of your presentations will be able to sell virtually, without your participation, becoming more efficient and honed with frequent use.