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From the earliest days of journalism, authors sought not only to inform their readers, but tried to engage in a dialogue with their audience. Alas, they could not see their interlocutors reactions, and they could not hear questions, objections, comments or additions. This is a situation that has irritated many generations of both journalists and readers.

As time progressed nothing emerged to bring the journalist and the reader closer to each other, which makes little sense. Yes, there are new formats for presenting information. Readers have also become listeners and spectators. But direct dialogue between a journalist and the people they address is rare. The communication of the author with those who are interested in their publication, as a rule, comes down to correspondence, which is completely removed from communication in real time.

Of course, this reduces the number of people willing to discuss material with the author. ‘Why is there no reaction?’ – you ask yourself after the publication of your content. “So much work has gone into it. And the topic is interesting. And the presentation is not banal. What’s the matter?’ Great questions. But they are the wrong questions. There is a reaction. They just don’t want to share it with you.

Recall any publication that “hooked” you. Some writing asks a question, other writing objects to something, still another type seeks to supplement the reader. But only a few readers ever start correspondence with the author. Why?

Because while you are reading / watching / listening, you are “burning”. And when you have finished reading / watching / listening you “cool down”. You find yourself in a whirlpool of everyday affairs and after a couple of days you can’t remember either the name of the material or the name of the author. An interesting publication turns into: ‘I read / saw / heard something about this somewhere.’

We identified the problem – it’s time to propose a solution.

Here's how it works

Upload a presentation to Roi4Presenter

Set up a presentation with feedback system
Customize the contact data collection form
Embed the video code on the page of your site

With Roi4Presenter you can take advantage of offline trading in an online store

Note that the basic settings of the feedback system provide for the possibility that communication will begin not only at the initiative of the seller, but also at the request of the client – just like offline. To do this, the buyer can use the ‘call the presenter’ button. In this case, the seller will receive not only a message that someone is watching the product presentation, but also a call from a potential buyer, indicating that the client is already “warm”. Working with Roi4Presenter you will be able to use the communication skills of good salespeople and, thanks to this, to outperform your competitors.

Moreover, realizing that it is difficult to overestimate the value of the moment when a potential client is ready to ask questions, we have provided a “call presenter” button, which allows a visitor to signal that they want to chat with a click.


You will find out what product the client is interested in at the moment when it happened and start communicating with him at the same moment, not letting him cool down

You can chat with him in 'counter' mode almost as effectively as in an offline store, finding out his preferences and suggesting other products

You can ask the client to use the contact data collection form built into the product presentation in order to use them for mailing in the future

R4P helps attract and warm up potential customers