Brings Leads to the 4th Stage of the Deal in One Day

Catch clients for a demo and direct speech. ROI4Presenter helps IT salespeople, and each of its functions is part of a “killer” sales presentation.

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Do you sell IT Products?

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A good salesperson can sell anything, right? Partly. Of course, it is easier for some to conclude deals, but even these people will fail trying to sell everything according to one scheme.

Of course, there are basics that are similar for sellers in any industry - product knowledge, sales methodology and understanding the client’s pain.

But the way potential customers get to know a product for the first time is different. For example, software cannot be touched by the client, and IT equipment does not show its value in appearance, so the impression has to be made in a different way.

​The main element at the beginning of IT purchase negotiations is a sales presentation.

How it works

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How to arrange a presentation with a client if he is busy?

How to train new sellers to sell new products?

How to increase the number of sales presentations while maintaining their quality?

How ROI4Presenter helps to solve these problems and sell

Create a presentation​​

Create a presentation, add your audio, answers to frequently asked questions and select slides for the pitch mode, which introduces the main content in the minimum amount of time. See our Guide for details.

There are already hundreds of presentations in the ROI4Presenter library that you can use as a knowledge base.

Use visual elements

Using illustrations to complement your business proposal can do wonders. ROI4Presenter embeds various multimedia files on slides, but for IT sales, videos and images are the most suitable. 

Upload software screenshots, hardware photos or use video demonstrations. With ROI4Presenter, the video can be loaded onto a slide in two ways: you can split the video into still images and load them on multiple slides, or you can insert the video on one slide and it will be played on the slide as on the player.

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Excessive text content in slides often comes from two problems: fear of getting lost during a meeting or inept distribution of information. Both problems are solved with this application.

Speaker notes are entered for each slide at the bottom. When a viewer opens your presentation via a link, they won’t see these notes. But you, from your smartphone, will be able to use these notes to aid you in your presentation. Thanks to the pre-written scripts, you will progress through the demonstration along the planned course.

Most likely, after each client meeting, adjustments will be made to the scripts, which will gradually hone them to perfection, and you will be able to reproduce your most successful performance every time.


Training Mode

Vendor representation is growing exponentially, as is the number of technologies they produce, and available sellers are sorely lacking. Upload corporate presentations to Presenter, each accompanied by the most common user questions and the most concise answers from the company’s top salespeople.

This resource will allow beginners to quickly get acquainted with the sales logic for the products that they have to deal with and learn the techniques for dealing with objections.

You can also train by creating and voicing your own scripts. You can listen to your progress immediately after recording each slide, as well as the entire presentation after completion. You can send a link to a colleague and ask for their evaluation and expect advice.

Online presentation

All studies prove that a salesperson with a camera on is greater than 90% more likely to close a deal compared to a speaker without a camera. If the buyer has a camera turned on, the percentage increases almost as much as well! 

The combination of a video call with the Prompter function (a text display of a report script on your smartphone that allows you to be sure of what to say and when to say it) in ROI4Presenter further increases this likelihood.

Offline Presentation (or is everything online?)

You can hold up to 10 presentations at the same time and connect to 500 users to the shows. You can leave links to presentations in your social networks, on thematic resources, or simply embed them on your website page. 

Every time the presentation bait you cast works, a notification will be sent to your phone that a user has opened the presentation. This will allow you to instantly join and demo in person. In other words, translate an offline presentation into an online one.


There are two ways to view the reports – either by selecting the presentation that you are interested in and information about it, or through the “Reports” button in the bottom panel of the mobile application. Separately, you can expand the report to examine responses to a particular slide.

With this tool, you will be able to understand which slides should be paid attention to, finalized or removed. So, you can also conduct A/B testing of impressions to choose the best option.

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Each of the R4P features is designed to help sellers