How can a freelancer win a contract using a presentation

Sailboats by Christopher Eckersberg with the text at the center "The winds of freelances fortune will be in your favor if you add a presentation to your CV'

Sailboats by Christopher Eckersberg

There is a widespread point of view that presentations are for those who sell, hire, teach, or learn. Many professionals do not even think about the opportunities they lose by not using online demo presentations in one way or another.

For example, let’s look at specialists working on one-time or short-term contracts – freelancers. Like light sailboats, they glide through the waves of the market, catering to these areas that hold no interest to corporate ships of big business.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a photographer, handyman, journalist, programmer, or dog groomer. Freelancers’ income depends on a steady stream of clients, and the vast majority rely on ads and resumes placed on professional resources and word of mouth.

This scheme works more or less. But anyone who relayed on it knows that it also regularly fails. You can never be sure that the freelancer’s boat won’t hang in the doldrums. Logic pushes us to the sought you need to improve the scheme. Why not supplement the usual ads and CV with a brief presentation about yourself, your skills, and your working terms? It definitely will attract more attention than plain text.

But most importantly – it must be equipped with a feedback system. We, of course, recommend our service, ROI4Presenter. Its main feature is a notification whenever someone looks at your presentation, so you can immediately connect to communicate with a potential client. The rest is up to you, but catching an order in this mode is more effortless.

Good luck and high income to everyone!

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