Instant salesperson onboarding

Forget difficult LMS. Upload content, give your colleagues links and keep track of their browsing progress.

Two people with laptops web-conferencing via ROI4Presenter

Go to new sales with a new tool!

How many product demonstration methods and options have you tried? There are many of them, from simple slideshows and videos, to links to a page for booking a personal online presentation. And all of them can be replaced by ROI4Presenter.


of employees are willing to change jobs to move to an organization that invests in staff training



of new information is forgotten within 48 hours, so training must be repeated regularly


ROI4Presenter is a unique feedback system

ROI4Presenter is a unique feedback system. It can be configured in such a way that everyone who watches the presentation can use the “call the presenter” function, sending a one-click invitation to the presentation’s author to connect and answer questions that arose during the viewing.

At the same time, the author of the presentation can join the presentation on their own initiative, having received a message that someone has started watching the presentation, they can indicate their readiness to connect and help with the incorporation of the material. Thus, the main drawback of a LMS series is completely eliminated – the lack of direct contact between the “teacher” and the “students”.

ROI4Presenter opened on a smartphone and a smiling woman who received the service's notification on a listener's activity


You don’t have to run an onboarding presentation for every new salesperson, sales team, or business partner. Just give a link to the content already uploaded to ROI4Presenter.

The author of the presentation can set it so that they can see the progress of everyone who connects to it.

The presentation can provide tips to sellers through scripts to simplify the onboarding process and enable sellers to work with the new product immediately.

You can link FAQs to specific slides and chat responses. This helps sellers learn to answer customer questions and overcome typical objections.

Use ROI4Presenter to save your time and the time of your colleagues