Using Humor During a Presentation

Neil David, Clowns, with the framed text at the center, "Are jokes and other humor appropriate during the presentation?"

“Yes,” we will answer after many experienced speakers and … “No,” based on the opinion of their no less authoritative colleagues. Paradox? That is only if we’re talking about jokes in general. But if you understand the topic a little, the contradiction with which we began this text will immediately acquire harmony and logic.


First, you must understand why humor is needed in a presentation. A common motive is to dilute a tone that is too serious so that the audience does not get bored. But you are guided only by this consideration. In that case, those who will say that it is better to conduct an online event without jokes will be right because, in this case, all you will achieve is divert attention from the main topic of the presentation. You do not have a stand-up show and entertaining the audience is not your main task.


It’s an entirely different matter if, with the help of jokes, you purposefully seek to sharpen the audience’s attention on specific points. Then, the use of humor becomes more than appropriate. A funny life story, anecdote, pun or caricature will help viewers better remember what you want them to pay special attention to. These humorous elements can be used both as a lead-in for different sections and as a means to anchor your ideas, statements and conclusions in your audience’s mind.


Of course, your jokes must be fresh and original. Ideally, do without materials that are trending on the internet. It is best to use original stories and/or collages and cartoons created especially for your presentation. Be sure to test all materials on a audience before you use them in your actual presentation. First, eliminating anything that can hurt or offend someone is crucial. Using any such material will undoubtedly spoil your event’s overall impression.


Has what you read above made you give up on ​the idea of ​supplementing your presentation with jokes? We really hope so. Yes, perfecting this part of the presentation can be much more complicated than it seems at first glance. But using ill-timed or poorly chosen jokes can turn all of your preparation into a waste of time and effort. Instead, the use of well-chosen and appropriately used humorous elements will undoubtedly increase the effectiveness of your presentation.


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