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Chrome Extension

Set up and create a link to your content directly from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or LinkedIn. All listener engagement information will be available in CRM and email reports. 

You can insert all the presentations available to you on the platform through the interface of your email service or LinkedIn. And you, as usual, will receive a notification when the listener follows the link and get report after the session.

To start working with the ROI4Presenter Chrome extension, install it on Chrome Web Store.

How to find in Linkedin

When the extension is installed properly, you will see the icon of a presentation chart next to the emoji icon in the LinkedIn’s message interface.

How it find in Gmail

When the extension is installed, you will see the icon and title Presentation under Subject field in New message window.

How it find in MS Outlook

When the extension is installed, you will see the presentation icon before From field in New message window.

How it works 

By clicking on ROI4Presenter icon you can select a presentation or upload a new one in the same way as in the web application.

Click on the arrow icon in place before its name. The general link settings window opens. You can edit the name, choose the slide to start, enter calendar link and choose the admin for the presentation and on/off notifications. You can choose Show advanced settings.

Thera you can setup the level of details, options available to listeners, lead form and more.

The Personalization tab will automatically insert the contact’s name and profile picture to be added to their personalized link.

Once you set up and send the presentation to the contact, you can receive notifications and track analytics just as you would create them in a web application

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