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How to turn a presentation link into a pop-up banner for a website

You can send presentation links directly to your clients, you can also embed them into any website – either as a fixed window (iFrame) or as a pop-up. In the latter case, the user will see an active banner, clicking on which will lead him to your presentation.

To create such a banner, go to the My Links tab in the main menu. Select the required link and open the drop-down menu opposite it by clicking on three dots icon in the Actions column. In the menu that opens, select Share.

You can also find the link you need in All Links menu in the main menu.

Select embed script from the menu that appears.

As a result, you will receive a generated code containing a link to the presentation. This code can be copied and pasted into a pop-up widget on your website (via CMS) to create an active banner.

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