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How to upload a presentation

To add a new presentation click on the New Presentation button, this action will open a window with several options for uploading content.

Option 1 – upload a file from your desktop

It must be in PDF, PPT, PPTX or MP4 format and be up to 100 MB (up to 500 MB for a video file).


Option 2 – upload the file from Google Drive

Option 3 – import Youtube video

When you provide a link to the video, you will be given the option to to include the whole video – then just leave the default checkbox Off under Choose how detailed parsing should be or split the video into slides – then depending on the value from 1 to 5 you can adjust the number of slides the file will be parsed to.

Automatically generate script and voice over

When uploading a file, you can select the “Automatically generate script and voice over for my slides with AI” checkbox. In a menu below, you can set the language in which the scripts will be generated.

Upload progress

After you click Upload, the process of importing your content will start, during that you will see short videos demonstrating the features how ROI4Presenter works.. You can close it with a simple click. The upload progress will be visible in the list of your presentations.

After a successful upload, you can go to edit mode or check how it will look for your listeners in test mode.

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