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ROI4Presenter HubSpot app overview

Sales teams can automate tasks related to preparing and showing presentations, product demonstrations and documentation of those events at CRM to follow-up.

You can set individual presentation settings, get a link for broadcast and to assign it to your contacts through your HubSpot account.

You can also create a workflow or sequence with assigned presentation to certain groups of your HubSpot contacts.

Get new leads automatically: no need to manually create a contact after planning and showing the presentation to a potential client. New contacts are created automatically.

To start working with the HubSpot application, install the extension by this link.


When you’ve installed the application, you can:

Follow the installation link and proceed with the steps to install the application. After the application is installed, there, is ROI4Presenter segment will appear in the extension’s feed (on the bottom right of the contact page). Log into your ROI4Presenter account to star working with the application.

Create or assign a presentation directly from Contacts in CRM

Choose contact and clicks “Get Presentation link” Select one and click “Generate a link” The presentation settings window opens.

After setting up a presentation, it will be assigned to the HubSpot contact in the Assigned Presentations list on the contact’s details.

The “User was assigned a presentation” event should appear in contact’s Activity feed (filters for ROI4Presenter App must be switched on).

Also, the assigned presentation’s link will be written to contact property named “Presentation Link”.

To see the full list of presentations that you have assigned to the client, click Actions and then See assigned presentations.

Now if the assigned link is opened, viewed and finally closed (actually logged out) the track records of these events will be created. They appear in the Activity feed and in the Presentations History.

Create new leads automatically

New contacts are created in HubSpot after viewing a presentation. All the data entered in leads form will be stored in contacts information.



Customized HubSpot reports will include personal data (name, role, company, email), which presentation was viewed with a link and date of viewing (start and end time).

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