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Live interaction with a listener

Video chat when a listener is connected

When a listener connects to the presentation, a pop-up window appears in the web application with a link to the live session. If you have a ROI4Presenter mobile app installed, the notification will come there as well

To start videoconferencing, click Join. After entering the presentation player click on the camera and mic icons.

You will see your camera window on the right side of the screen.

Text chat

Opt for a chat-based interaction by clicking the same link for a live session and message listener in the chat.

Video chat when a listener call presenter

A special notification awaits in scenarios where you’ve enabled listener invitations in presentation settings.

Schedule a meeting

Let listeners schedule appointments with you by integrating your calendar account.

You can specify a default calendar link in your account settings or enter a link when creating a link to your presentation

In the viewer’s presentation player, it will look like this


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