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Main menu and My Account

Main Menu – Presentations

The first two sections in the main menu – My Presentations and Shared with me, are for selection of a presentations list. 

My presentations contain the presentations you’ve added to the platform

Shared with me show all presentations created by users within your company.

Main Menu – Links

Below, you’ll find All links and My links. It’s work the same. These sections consist links created by all users in your company and links you’ve created personally:

Analytics tab

Analytics tab will provide detailed analysis on each presentation.

Notification icons

A group of people icon featuring  indicates when a listener connects to your presentation, along with a link for you to join the session.

A notification bell will let you know when a listener enters the presentation or call you to chat

You can also set your status, that will be visible to your listener when they are connected.

My Account

Fill out your account information. We recommend doing this to use your calendar to schedule meetings with listeners, quickly create video avatars, optimize interaction through voice commands, and receive email reports on listener activity.

Provide your full name, phone number, email, and company details (if you’ve used your personal email address, this field will be inactive).

Below this setting, there is an option to change your password.

To change your photo, you can drag and drop an image, browse through your computer’s files, or take an instant photo through the service. Select or capture a high-quality, close-up image of your face with good lighting and no distortions for accurate video avatar generation.

The screen below shows your current tariff plan and the button to change it

Add a link to your calendar. This link will be displayed in all your presentations for listeners. By default, this option is active, but you can deactivate it by switcher beside. To add a link to your personal calendar, click Settings from the main menu and enter the link address in the relevant field.

Voice recognition can be activated by selecting a key word or phrase from the Settings, allowing you to interact with the platform through voice commands.

Email settings are controlled by a slider that’s initially inactive. To receive email reports for each listener session, slide the switch to the right and click Submit.

Apps & Integrations

ROI4Presenter offers a wide range of integration with various software products. For instructions on how to integrate with a particular software, select the Apps & Integrations menu item from the main menu. Then select the product you need and click Learn more… for detailed instructions.

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