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Mobile Application

Why you need it?

The mobile app does not fully duplicate the functionality of the ROI4Presenter web app, but is a useful addition.
With its help you can
  • show and manage presentations,
  • receive notifications about new connections to view or when you are invited to join,
  • connect and make video conferences right during the presentation,
  • receive reports on presentations views and see listeners’ activity reports.
However, to take full advantage of the service such as AI script generation, voice-overs, video avatars, translations, and much more in editor mode use the web application.

How to start

To start using the mobile application, install it from the App Store or Play Market

You can do it directly from the links in the last sentence, if you are reading this text from your smartphone, or you can go to the App Store or Play Market and search for roi4presenter anytime.

On iOS smartphones you will receive the message With request for permission to sending notifications. Choose allow if you want to be notified when a listener calls you to join or has connected (you can customize these options for each presentation separately when creating the link on service or turn off all notification from ROI4Presenter in notification settings on your smartphone)


When you first open the app you’ll see the Presentation Library, where placed presentations with public access. 

Without login and registration only one option is available – Personal View. With it you can see how the presentation player looks like for the presenter and familiarize with available controls.

To access all screens and features of the app you will be prompted to Login or Sign up.

If you have not account on roi4presenter.com, you can create it in the app. Click on the Sign Up button. Fill out the registration form and click Sign up. A registration confirmation code will be sent to your email, which you will need to confirm via the application.

If you are already registered, enter your login and password after clicking the Login button.

If you have difficulties with authorization, you may have forgotten your password. Click Forgot password to reset the old password and set a new one. To do this, you will need to specify your profile email, which will receive a confirmation code to reset the old password.

Main menu

The main menu of the application is placed at the bottom and consists of the following sections:

  1. Presentation Library
  2. Web links
  3. Reports
  4. My account
  5. Info

Let’s take a closer look at each section:

Presentation Library. 

This is a storage of presentations. Once you upload a presentation to the ROi4presenter, it is also available in the application under in this section. You can limited access to the presentation in the Editor mode on ROI4Presenter web app.

Also in this section are the search bar and filter, which are located at the top of the screen: the search bar finds presentations by title, the filter displays a list of presentations by company and language.

Web links. 

Web Links. This section stores all your web links to your presentations. By clicking on any of them you can: allow viewers to access it, share it with a contact or copy it, and view a report by views


This section stores reports on the listener’s actions inside the presentation, namely dates, names of listeners, their companies, job roles and emails, which are pulled from the lead form, reactions under slides, chat history. 

My account. 

Here you can change your profile details and password in My settings tab.

In Employees you can add or delete your colleagues.

When adding new company user, you must enter your colleague’s data yourself and send it to him so that he can authorize and, if desired, update his own data in the profile.

You can also logout or delete a profile in this section.



In this section you will find help guide, more info about company, blog, contacts and user agreement.

Creating a presentation link 

  • Go to the presentation in the Library and click Get Link
  • Enter the name. By default, the name is the same as the name of presentation.
  • Select Administrator. You can select yourself, or any user within your company, who will receive notifications and communicate with listeners. You can choose multiple administrators.
  • Add a link to your calendar. On the presentation page, listeners will be able to go via link and schedule a meetings with you.


Click Next.

  • You can generated a password to access the presentation
  • Add lead form.

Request contact information from the listener. Choose what data you want to collect. This form will appear at the beginning of the presentation or before slide that you specify. 

  • Allow or disallow your listeners share slides, change the presentation details, ask a questions and call presenter
  • Choose the level of details presentation. If you have two or three versions prepared, mark which one will play by default when a listener clicks on a link.
  • Leave an optional voice message to the listener inside the presentation.
  • Hide or leave a slide feed for listeners.
  • It is possible to turn off notifications from listeners entry.

Click Next. Or go back to the first items by clicking Back.

Your link is now ready to share! 

Showing a presentation


As soon as a listener opens your presentation link, you will receive a notification on your smartphone about it (if you don’t turn-off this option). You can tap the notification at the top and connect.

If you haven’t made it in time, that’s okay. There are three other ways to connect in the ROI4presenter app:

  1. Click on the People icon in the top-right corner of the screen and connect to the presentation. If you have created many links and people are clicking on them, this list will be longer.

2. Bell icon – it’s your incoming notifications. Click on it and read the notification. This is also where you get notifications if a listener calls you. Tap the icon, select a notification, and connect.

3. Go to the Web links section. Find your presentation link and tap on it. It will show you the number of listeners who viewed the presentation. Click on Listeners. Among the viewer reports, you will find the one who is currently still in the presentation and click on it Connect.

Once connected to a listener you can watch their actions such as flipping slides, leaving reactions on slides, responding to their chat requests. 

By turning on the microphone and camera, you can have a video conversation, the listener can also turn on the camera and microphone in the browser. 

The Read the script button allows you to open the speaker’s text, if it has been added or generated. This text can serve as a prompt for the presenter. 

It is also possible to take control away from the listener – the Take control checkbox – to flip slides yourself. If you like, you can give control back to the listener by leaving the checkbox empty. 

The Synchronization feature is enabled when control is taken away and is used to show the listener which slides the speaker is flipping through. The speaker can turn Synchronization off, scroll through the slides, turn it back on, and continue reading the slides.

If a listener has left the presentation, you will see the circle next to their name change from blue to red.

To exit the presentation, tap the exit icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

You can view the presentation report in the Reports and Web links sections.

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