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Presentation Player Review. An interface for the listener.

The listener who opens the presentation link sees a player, where he can not only view the presentation, but also communicate with the presenter.

To the left of the player is the Slide feed. Slides can be viewed out of order by clicking selectively at your discretion. The feed can be hidden by clicking the Hide button.

In the center of presentation player, as well as at bottom control panel, locate Play / Pause button.

Slides can be scrolled with the side arrows.

At the bottom, the duration of the presentation in minutes, the number of slides being viewed and the number of all slides, as well as the icon for going to full-screen mode are displayed. Even after switching to full-screen mode, if you move the mouse, you can access the main options at the bottom. You can exit full-screen mode by clicking on the player icon at the bottom right, or via Esc key.

Key options include Reactions, Sharing presentation, FAQ, Call presenter, Schedule meeting and Chat buttons.


Under the player, you can select the details of the presentation (If the presenter has provided ). Three versions are available:

Pitch (brief and only the main part) – the shortest version of the presentation, usually 3–5 slides.

Quick (short script) – a full, quick presentation without detailing.

Detailed (long script) – full detailed presentation.

The Reactions is used to tell impression of the slide slides. Can mark each slide with one of three types of reactions: Interesting, Neutral, Uninteresting.

The Share slide icon allows to repost the presentation on social networks on the wall, in messages.

The FAQ contains questions and answers that the presenter looked at when creating the presentation, and the answer can be selected to show a specific slide.

Info about the presenter may also be contained under the player. If no one connects to the listener, then the text will be unchanged – No presenter.

The presenter can be called via Call presenter button.

As soon as the presenter connects, his contact details will appear. You just need to click on his avatar.

Next to the Call Presenter button are Schedule Meeting and Chat. The first allows you to schedule an online meeting with the presenter, and the second allows you to chat with him while watching.

Voice recognition toggle will be needed to interact with the presentation using voice commands.

And a microphone and camera for videoconferencing with the presenter.

To end viewing, just close the presentation tab. The presenter will receive a report which will include reactions to the slides and questions if they were asked in the chat.

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