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Presentation Player Review. An interface for the presenter.

As soon as the listener opens the presentation link, the presenter receives a notification in the web app or/and on mobile app and can Join

Once connected, the presenter observes what the listener is doing. What slides he watches, flips through, what reactions he leaves on the slides.

The screenshot below on the left shows the slide feed. If the listener is viewing the slides in a different order, this will be displayed on the presenter’s screen.

The presenter can Take Control of the presentation from the listener using the toggle.

At the bottom of the player you will find a Play/Pause button, the duration of the presentation in minutes, the number of the slide currently viewing, the number of all slides, and an icon to switch to full screen.

When the presenter flips the slides, they also change on the listener’s screen. It is possible to temporarily disable this synchronization in the player. Synchronization can only be disabled when Take Control is enabled.

There is also a Chat button below the player. Clicking on it opens a chat box for messaging with the listener. The number of listeners of the presentation is also displayed.

There is also another Read the script button under the player on the left side. Clicking on it will open a field with a text script that you entered or generated in the presentation editor mode.

Microphone and camera buttons will need you if you would like to communicate with a listener via videoconference.

To exit the presentation, click on the Go back to roi4presenter blue button at the top right.

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