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ROI4Presenter integration with HubSpot Calendar and Calendly

You can integrate ROI4Presenter with your HubSpot Calendar and Calendly calendars. In this case, the user who received the link to the presentation will be able to independently book a meeting with you through your personal calendar. There are two ways to integrate your calendar with ROI4Presenter.

In the first case, you need to enter the menu of your personal settings (lower left corner of the screen) and select the Settings item there.

In the menu that opens, find the Integrations item, and in the calendar link line, insert a link to your work calendar in HubSpot Calendar or Calendly. Click Save Changes.

Now, when creating a link to a presentation, a link to your personal work calendar will be automatically added.

This will enable the listener to book a face-to-face meeting with you directly from the active presentation. To do this, he will need to click the Schedule Meeting button at the bottom of the interface screen.

You can cancel the option to automatically insert calendar links at any time by deactivating it in the Personal Settings Integrations menu.

You can also manually insert a link to the calendar for each specific presentation. To do this, log in to your ROI4Presenter account. Then, on the left side menu, go to the My Presentations tab and create a link for the selected presentation.

In the Link Settings window that opens, paste the link to your HubSpot or Calendly calendar in the Link to Calendly field.

After setting all other options, click Next to create a ready-made link. You can send this link to your customers. When the listener clicks on the link, they can book a meeting with you by clicking the Schedule Meeting button at the bottom of the interface screen.

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