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ROI4Presenter integration with Salesforce. User guide

ROI4Presenter integration options with Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps companies with sales, marketing, customer service and other business processes.

Salesforce offers a wide range of customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, including:

  • Contact management: Salesforce allows companies to store customer data, such as names, addresses, contact details, and interaction history.
  • Sales management: Salesforce helps companies track leads, deals, and sales.
  • Marketing Management: Salesforce allows companies to create and track marketing campaigns and collect lead data.
  • Customer Service Management: Salesforce helps companies track customer requests, provide support, and resolve problems.
  • Analytics: Salesforce gives companies tools to analyze customer data to make more informed decisions.


With the ROI4Presenter Salesforce connector, you can: 

  • Automate tasks related to preparing and delivering presentations, demonstrating products, and documenting these events in CRM for subsequent monitoring.
  • Create personal presentations directly from a contact in CRM.
  • Automatically receive new leads as you create new contacts after viewing a presentation.


The connector allows you to transfer the following data from ROI4Presenter to Salesforce:

  • Personal data: name, role, company, email.
  • Information about viewing a presentation: active presentation, presentation link, viewing date, total viewing time, start and end time, time spent on each slide

What apps can Salesforce integrate with?

Salesforce offers various integrations with other systems and applications, allowing companies to create a single platform for managing customer relationships.

Salesforce offers the following integration options:

  • Salesforce AppExchange: Salesforce AppExchange is an online directory with thousands of apps that can integrate with Salesforce. These applications cover many areas, including sales, marketing, customer service, analytics, and others.
  • Salesforce Connectors: Salesforce Connectors are tools that make it easy to integrate Salesforce with other systems and applications. Connectors provide pre-configured connections to popular systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle and others.
  • Salesforce APIs: The Salesforce API is a set of application programming interfaces allowing developers to integrate Salesforce with their systems and applications.

The choice of apps to integrate with the Salesforce depends on your company’s specific needs.

Key features of ROI4Presenter integration with Salesforce

Creating an active presentation from CRM

Easily create live presentations directly from a contact card in Salesforce CRM. Once you select the desired contact, you can generate a link to the presentation and configure its settings. The active presentation will then be automatically assigned to the contact in the list of assigned presentations on the contact page.

Automatic generation of new leads

After listeners fill out the lead form from the presentation in Salesforce, new contacts (leads) will be automatically created.

The integration sends the following data about new leads to the Salesforce:

  • Personal information such as name, title, company name and email address.
  • Information about which active presentation was viewed, including the link and date viewed.
  • Total viewing time, as well as start and end times of viewing.
  • Time spent on each slide.


Bulk assignment of links to presentations

Automate assigning presentation links to your contacts – Set up a workflow to automatically assign active presentation links to contacts based on certain conditions or actions. For example, when a contact actions occur or at a certain stage in a workflow, the system can automatically assign a link to the corresponding presentation. It makes content management much easier and faster.

These integrations enable you to manage presentations efficiently and leads in Salesforce, providing more robust tracking and analysis of interactions with contacts and presentations.

How to Install the ROI4Presenter Extension for Salesforce

Important: Before you begin, ensure you have created a free account with ROI4Presenter.

1. Register/login to your account at Salesforce.

2. Add ROI4Presenter to your Salesforce applications. To do this, go to the page AppExchange Salesforce. In chapter Apps select View All, and in the window that opens – Visit AppExchange

3. Enter “ROI4Presenter” in the search field and press Enter. The ROI4Presenter application should appear in the list of search results.

4. On the application page, click the button Get It Now. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. After successful completion, ROI4Presenter is ready for work.

How to configure the ROI4Presenter connector

1. After installing the connector, ensure you have tabs Contacts, Active Presentations, Chatter and Presentation Histories

2. If they are missing, click on Personalize your nav bar top right to add.

3. In the window that opens, click Add More Items and then select All.

4. In the search bar, enter the desired tab names.

How to connect your ROI4Presenter account to Salesforce

To connect your ROI4Presenter account to Salesforce, go to the ROI4Presenter, enter login and password in the appropriate fields and click Login

If you have problems connecting, you can contact ROI4Presenter support service.

Assign a presentation to one contact in Salesforce

Go to the tab Contacts and open the contact you want to assign the presentation.

2. In the contact card, click Assign Presentation.

3. In the open window, use the filters to find and select a presentation, and then click Assign.

4. Set the required presentation settings and click Assign.  

5. The link to the presentation is ready. Copy it and send it to the client.

View presentations assigned to one contact

To view presentations assigned to a contact, go to the Chatter. In the contact’s activity feed, you will find information about both the presentation itself and data about its viewing.

The list of all created links to presentations is in the tab Active Presentations

How to view Presentation History and Analytics in Salesforce

To evaluate the effectiveness of certain presentations, go to the tab Presentation Histories and select All.

Here, you can view detailed information about the presentation, including start and end times of viewing, duration of viewing each slide, audience reactions and other analytics data. To do this, simply click on the link of the desired Presentation viewing report.

How to assign a presentation to many contacts

You can also assign a presentation to multiple contacts at once. For this:

1. In the tab Contacts, select the contacts you want and click Assign multiple presentations.

2. In the open window, use the filters to find and select a presentation, and then click Assign.  

3. Set the required presentation settings and click Assign.  

Links to the presentation to the selected contacts are ready.

How to Create a New Contact in Salesforce Using a Lead Form in a Presentation

When a listener fills out a lead form in your presentation, ROI4Presenter automatically creates a new contact in Salesforce.

The following are transmitted to CRM:

  • Personal Information contact (name, position, company name, email);
  • Information about the presentation — which active presentation was viewed with link and date viewed, total time viewed, start and end times, and time spent on each slide.

Salesforce and ROI4Presenter tariffs

Salesforce offers a wide range of plans that vary in functionality and price. The ROI4Presenter connector is available for all Salesforce plans, starting with Professional:

  • Professional: This is the basic Salesforce plan and includes core CRM features such as contact, deal, and opportunity management.
  • Enterprise: This plan is the most comprehensive Salesforce plan and includes all the features available in other plans, plus additional features such as analytics and customer relationship management (CRM).

To use the Salesforce connector in ROI4Presenter, the user must have access to ROI4Presenter account on a Business plan or higher. You can find out more about them at Pricing page

Here are a few additional details about the pricing requirements for installing the ROI4Presenter connector in Salesforce:

  • To install the ROI4Presenter connector in Salesforce, the user must have access to a Salesforce account that uses Salesforce API version 44.0 or higher.
  • To install the ROI4Presenter connector in Salesforce, the user must have administrator rights in Salesforce.

Technical support

If you have questions about integrating ROI4Pesenter with Salesforce, our friendly support team is here to answer them. To do this, contact us by email support@roi4presenter.com.

To solve problems related to the operation of the Salesforce service, contact the service’s technical support on the website salesforce.com.

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