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Some scenarios for using ROI4Presenter

To increase conversion to demo calls


CTA Book a demo / Request a demo and similar works poorly. We know this from our own experience) 

It’s another thing when a potential customer is already hooked on interesting content and can instantly call to talk or set up a meeting without leaving their view.


To do this, there are Call Presenter and Schedule meeting buttons in the presentation player, as well as an option to call the presenter by voice.

You can enable this option when editing the presentation and when creating a link. 

You can also use the avatar or the slides themselves to remind the audience of this option during the presentation.

For example, like this slide:

To increase conversions to sales


ROI4Presenter can help you to increase conversions to sales. Delegate the tasks of delivering presentations and interacting with potential clients to a virtual assistant.


  • Enrich your sales pitch with voice-over and avatar-presenter that generate built-in AI.

A virtual seller can work 24/7 and never get tired of answering the same questions. Sell globally with local virtual sales reps and content.

  • Communicate with your clients in real time when they are viewing a presentation, or wait for them to call you or make an appointment.

Once you’ve created a presentation, you can share it via link or set it up on your website and catch clients who watches


  • Add a lead form on any slide and get the data directly into your CRM.
  • Get detailed analytics for every session. The product provides detailed information on how your listeners interact with your presentation, which slides are most engaging, and helps you make your presentations more effective.
  • You can quickly create personalized messages for your contacts in your mail or Linkedin. with Chrome extension.

For marketers lead generation

Use ROI4Presenter for boost the effectiveness of your content and increase lead generation. It is also an effective way to communicate with potential and existing customers, and promptly respond to their questions and requests 24/7.

R4P to generate a script for your presentation, voice it over, translate in any language and create a video avatar that will deliver your presentation on your behalf. 

You can embed your presentation on your website or other resource where you catch customers. It’s like a non-stop webinar which is conducted for you by your virtual assistant.

Uploading a wide range of content, including videos, presentations, articles, advertisements, slideshows and more, you can reach your target audience and boost engagement.

The platform offers real-time notifications that allow you to track the viewership and listenership of your content, giving you the opportunity to initiate conversations and actively engage with your audience. 

  • Enrich your content with voice-over and avatar-presenter that generate built-in AI.

Our product allows you to generate content in different languages so you can reach your audience anywhere in the world.

  • Set up a lead form to collect contact data that can be automatically integrated into your CRM and a report with information about user activity following the presentation.

  • Give your listeners the possibility to call you or make an appointment.

You can communicate with your audience in real time via video chat or schedule meetings for more in-depth discussion.

  • Generate links in the web app, mobile app or directly from your email and LinkedIn profile for easy distribution of your content.

Once you’ve created a presentation, you can share it via link or set it up on your website and catch leads 24/7

  • Avatar-presenter can speak the presentation and answer questions for you. 

You’ll get notification when someone connects to your presentation. You’ll always know when your contact is interacting with your content and can respond in real time. And listeners can call presenter with a button, when specific triggers fired or by voice command. 

  • Get detailed analytics report on each session to improve your presentations. 

You’ll be able to study how your contacts interact with the content, which slides are most engaging, and make appropriate improvements to grow the effectiveness of your presentations.

For HR – to reduce the time spent on recruitment

Use ROI4Presenter to save time on your recruitment process. It’s your tool to seamlessly communicate with potential employees, conduct interviews around the clock without your personal presence.

Upload company slides to allow potential candidates to get a better understanding of your organization and its culture. 

Create a video message for candidates.

Use AI features to generate text scripts, voice-overs, or a video avatar that will communicate with your contacts instead of you. ROI4Presenter can also translate content into any language.

Add video files, questions or test tasks to your presentation. Tasks to test the applicant’s skills can be placed on the slides themselves or assigned to your avatar and collected in a chat. Or use controls (beta).


As soon as someone starts watching the presentation, you’ll get a message about it and can connect. You can talk in video or audio mode, as well as text chat. 


In the settings, you can enable the “call presenter” button. Then the job seeker can let you know they want to chat, ask questions, etc.

Once you have created a presentation-questionnaire in ROI4Presenter, add it on your website, on those resources where you are looking for potential employees, and/or send a link to it to job seekers. 

You can also take advantage of personalization features when creating the link. And with the Chrome extension, you can create personalized links directly from your email or Linkedin.

The applicants can open the link and take the presentation-questionnaire at their convenience. De facto, his answers turn the presentation-survey into an actual resume with data of interest to the recruiter.

You receive ready-made reports for each participant in the mail. On the basis of which you can make a decision about personal communication with the job seeker.

In addition, R4P can be used to create training materials for new employees, which optimizes the onboarding process.

For trainers – to improve the quality of training


Trainers looking to enhance training quality can leverage ROI4Presenter for tailored, engaging training across employees, partners, and customers.

Step beyond traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) with AI-driven content delivery. 

  • Unite various content formats – slides, PDFs, videos – into streamlined presentations. 
  • Translate courses into any language with two clicks.
  • Address a significant LMS drawback by enabling direct interaction between presenters and listeners. Listeners can pose questions, schedule meetings, or call presenter to video chat via buttons or via voice commands.
  • Elevate courses with AI features: generate scripts, voice-overs or speaking video avatars.
  • Obtain in-depth session reports detailing time spent, interactions, and more.
  • Easily share learning content via links or website embedding.

Empower employees, partners, and clients through a unified platform. Streamline education efforts and ensure consistent learning experiences.

For startups to make all pitches happen


Language barriers, time zones and problems with scheduling appointments are no more a problem with ROI4Presenter!

Everyone knows how hard it is to negotiate a presentation with a potential investor.

You can play schedule ping-pong for weeks and then…the key person doesn’t show up.

It’s even harder to deliver an effective presentation.


ROI4Presenter solves these problems and Increases the effectiveness of your deck.

  • Upload your presentation. 

You can mix different content formats. For example, presentation slides and videos. 

  • AI will help to generate voice-over and script text in a needed language to the slides or create an avatar-presenter.

You can add your contact details and/or add a video message to make your presentation more personalized.

  • Get a link to the presentation, which you can embed to the web page as a media player or send directly to contact. 

You can do it directly from your mail or Linkedin with Chrome extension.

  • Receive a notification when someone enters. 

Your avatar will pitch and answer questions instead of you. You will get a notification when someone starts watching and can join the session and talk  live. Communicate via chat, microphone and camera, take control over the presentation and manage slides. Alternatively the listener may click on Call presenter, and you can join the session on demand. Listener also can schedule a meeting with you.

  • Get a detailed report on each session. 

You will get a report of who saw your presentation, how much time did the visitors spend on each page and what slide seemed most eye-catching for them. So you’ll be perfectly prepared for the next meeting.

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