Non-stop Webinar

Make every webinar more effective by turning it from a one-time event to a continuous  lead generation tool.

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Get new leads with a new tool!

Do you use webinars for lead generation? And how do you like the idea of making each webinar more effective, turning it from a one-time event into a tool that attracts leads non-stop?.

IAll you have to do is upload and set up the webinar you created in Roi4Presenter, turning it into a presentation with constant feedback. More details on how to do this are here.

How it works

Infographic about four steps of ROI4Presenter usage as a non-stop webinar

What is special about R4P

The main feature of ROI4Presenter is receiving a notification when a viewer has entered a presentation. As soon as someone clicks on the link to your recorded webinar, you immediately receive a message telling you this and can signal to the webinar attendee that you are ready to chat with them and answer their questions as they are in the process of watching. In addition, with ROI4Presenter, you can set up a recorded webinar that allows the attendee to call the presenter using a special button.

This means that you do not need to re-host webinars over and over, redoing all the laborious work of advertising, coordinating and organizing everyone and everything. Make an ideal recording once and place a link to it or embed it on a web page, guaranteeing live communication and answers to viewer questions.

One more important feature of ROI4Presenter, which is especially useful for webinar organizers, is a special form for collecting contact data from leads (lead form), which can be configured so that it appears during the webinar and catches warm leads before they cool down. This allows the post-webinar follow-up to be focused specifically on qualified leads.

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If several speakers are announced for a webinar, there is no need to look for a time convenient for everyone. The speakers can record their part when it suits them.


You no longer need to plan for the time to hold a webinar or worry that it is inconvenient for some of the visitors. They can choose when to watch and ask their questions. There will be no loss of leads due to the fact that someone wanted to attend a webinar, but could not find time in their schedule.


Since there are no time limits in this format, unlike a regular webinar, it is possible to answer all questions without exception.


Since there are fewer visitors at any given moment in the non-stop webinar format than in a regular webinar, more attention can be paid to warming up each potential lead in the course of answering questions.


Use ROI4Presenter to save your time and get more from your webinars