AI that makes a presentation like a human. Or better

Unleash the power of personalized content and simplify your presentation delivery

Voice recognition, voice and video generation

ChatGPT for generating slide scripts, texts and answers

Personalisation and customisation of content

Translation of presentation texts and voice

Avatar-presenter to answer questions and interact with listeners using AI

How it works

Unlock new opportunities for effective presentation using AI.

Pitch Avatar allows you to generate scripts and create an avatar-presenter that can answer questions and provide voiceovers. This feature is especially useful if you’re pressed for time or feel uncomfortable speaking in public.

Meanwhile, the ROI4Presenter platform enables listener to talk to you in a matter of one click, helps you track presentation performance and analyze audience engagement, providing valuable insights to improve your presentations.

The AI capabilities enable you to turn various types of content into professional presentations that can help you generate more leads, clients and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re using text, images, videos, or audio, service can transform your content into personalized, engaging presentations that are tailored to your target audience’s needs.

Pitch Avatar can Generate script, voice and video Personalize and translate content Interact with listener 

Engaging AI features

generate script
content upload

Texts, voice and video generation

Slide text and scripts, voice over and avatar video generation for slides

Voice recognition

Voice recognition and answers question using voice generation ​


Personalization of the appeal in texts and sound​

Customized Presentation View

Customization options where the presenter asks what to show​

Listener content upload​

Ability for the presenter to ask the listeners to upload and display their content.​


Presentation texts and voice translation​

Use cases

Virtual Seller

A virtual assistant helping to improve the quality of communication with customers and increase conversion rates. Analyse customer data, offer the most relevant products, and predict customer needs based on customer behaviour. Salespeople can increase their efficiency, reduce time spent preparing presentations and answering questions, and grow sales.

Virtual Recruiter

Improve the efficiency and quality of the candidate selection process. The use of AI technologies makes it possible to automate and standardise the questions asked, as well as to analyse candidates’ answers for a more objective assessment and selection of the best candidate.

Startup Presenter

Create and effectively present your ideas and projects. Analyze the effectiveness of presentations, track the level of audience engagement and receive feedback to improve results. Increase your chances of attracting investment, support and interest from investors, partners and customers.

Buyer Assistant

Automating the process of analysing and selecting offers with the help of a virtual assistant can reduce the decision-making time and improve the quality of the selection. As a result, buyers and purchasing managers can increase their efficiency, save time and resources, and select the most suitable and profitable offer.


Implemented integrations enable:
  • use of service files hosted on Google Drive, YouTube, presentations in PPTX and PDF formats
  • receiving data  from lead forms and on listener activity from HubSpot CRM and Salesforce
  • generating links to presentations immediately without leaving your Gmail, Outlook or LinkedIn inbox with the R4P Customer Catcher chrome extension
  • automation of a variety of workflows through Zapier (linking R4P with Slack, SendPulse and more)
Integrations for effective sale presentations


Pitch Avatar is a step forward from the ROI4Presenter service. All existing R4P platform features remain and new ones are added. The result is something new, which is given a new name.

Unlike presentation creation tools, ROI4Presenter provides a comprehensive suite of features that enable you to optimize your existing content and make informed decisions based on data analysis.
The service works with both YouTube videos and content created using most popular constructors (Power Point, Canva, Keynote and others). 

ROI4PResenter has a mobile application for iOS and Android with which your smartphone becomes the control panel for your show. It also receives notifications when the user has started watching the presentation. However, we recommend uploading presentations and setting them up on the web desktop, as it is more convenient)

Yes, you can use the free plan, but there are limitations compared to paid plans.

You can connect R4P through HubSpot, Salesforce and Zapier. 

Click to get the HubSpot application and read the instruction.

Click to read about the Salesforce connector. The instruction is stored in Help.

Click to get Zapier integration.

Customer Catcher is a Chrome extension that integrates ROI4Presenter with your email and LinkedIn. It is available for free on the Web Store. After its installation you will see an icon of presentation in your Gmail, Outlook or LinkedIn mailbox.

You can put  a weblink to your presentation in your message by clicking this icon directly from messaging application, set up the parameters and forget about it. ROI4Presenter sets up and shows the presentation, even without your presence. 

Reduce routine work and increase efficiency