Using your publication to have live dialogue with the reader or viewer

Use the power of the word to its fullest extent. Be heard and get feedback!

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There is no need to convince anyone that the role of online stores in both retail and wholesale trade is growing every day. The ability to search, compare, select and buy products around the world from the comfort of your home has become so commonplace that many futurologists predict the transformation of offline stores into museums of sorts. However, this is still a long way off. And first of all, because offline trading offers the opportunity not only to thoroughly study the goods, but also direct communication with the seller, which helps to make the right choice.

It can be said that modern technologies have coped with the issue of studying the goods. Preparing a presentation that allows you to get a detailed idea of ​​​​the product is not a problem. But what about the buyer-seller communication? Most of the feedback systems assume that the customer is “walking” through the online store alone. None: “How can I help you?”

Usually, a customer of an online store is contacted after he has made a preliminary selection. Moreover, this is not done by a sales assistant, but by a manager who specifies the nuances of payment and delivery. At the same time, communication takes place after a while – they can contact the buyer in an hour or a day.

This is inconvenient both for the buyer, who would not mind helping with the choice, and for the seller, who cannot immediately quickly respond to the client’s interest in a particular product.

The Roi4Presenter service solves this problem and transfers communication ‘at the counter’ to online stores thanks to a unique feedback system that notifies the seller without delay that someone has started viewing the product presentation. The presenter can immediately inform the client that he is online, ready to connect to the presentation, answer questions, recommend products at the request of the buyer – in short, do the job the way the sales assistant should.

Looking for a direct, live dialogue with your audience?

Turn your material into a presentation, upload it to Roi4Presenter and frame it on your media website or share a link on social networks and wherever else you hope to catch your reader / viewer.

As soon as someone enters your presentation, you receive a notification on your smartphone. From that moment until the end of the presentation, you can send a message that you are online and ready to start chatting. It will appear on the presentation page and the visitor will definitely not miss it.

Moreover, realizing that it is difficult to overestimate the value of the moment when a potential client is ready to ask questions, we have provided a “call presenter” button, which allows a visitor to signal that they want to chat with a click.

What does it mean to 'turn into a presentation'?

This is not only about creating an online presentation using a special constructor. You can read the audio version of the article and provide the slides and photos to be displayed. You can upload a ready-made video or create a special video. Any format is suitable, from a vlog to a recording of a TV show.

By the way, the service is equipped with a special tool for creating slides from a video.

How does it works?

The scheme is simple

You receive a message about a viewer connecting, communicate your desire to join and wait for the visitor’s reaction.
In case you want the communication to take place at the viewer’s initiative, you can set up the “Call Presenter” function. It works exactly the same way: The visitor clicks on a special icon and you get the corresponding invitation and can accept it.
In the event that you are offline at the time, you can record an auto-response message and invite the visitor to leave their contact information in the data collection form, promising to contact them later.​

Try all R4P features!

​​Due to the fact that communication can be started before the reader / viewer / listener has cooled down, Roi4Presenter will significantly increase the volume of feedback on your material. There is simply no better tool for this purpose on the market.