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Psychology of presentations

Download For Free A bit of science and tips for effective live presentations How to respond to a live broadcast …

Illustrations in online presentations and webinars

Download For Free Tips for effective use of slides, paintings, drawings, photos and videos. Please direct your attention to the …

The perfect webinar

Download For Free Find out what webinar qualities make them interesting for viewers and effective in terms of lead generation. …

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AI Avatar performing on stage demonstrating the future of AI in business and digital marketing
February 8, 2024

Why are Avatars “Better” than Humans?

Discover 5 tasks that presentation creators and online content authors can delegate to virtual doubles, according to the Pitch...
A blue banner with the title “AI Avatars for Business: Hype or Not?” and the date, time, and speakers of the webinar.
February 5, 2024

Exclusive free webinar: AI Avatars for Business: Hype or Not?

How AI Avatars can transform your business in 2024? ROI4Presenter and D-ID is revealing insights.   Imagine having a digital...
A small robot working on a laptop, conducting marketing research, analyzing 2023 robotics statistics and AI trends, and making predictions for 2024.
February 1, 2024

Fascinating robotics statistics published in 2023

Year after year, the world sees an increasing number of robots. The modern development of robotics allows us not...
A small robot writing text on a paper, surrounded by icons of different AI text generators, symbolizing AI Content Generators, AI Writers, and Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing.
January 29, 2024

Text content generators for business

Get acquainted with a review of the most popular “writers” based on artificial intelligence, which can be useful for...

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