Roi4Presenter now integrates with Hubspot

Roi4Presenter integration with HubSpot increases the efficiency and control of sales presentations and webinars. The product is designed for salespeople and marketers to conduct outreach campaigns, make presentations to clients, onboard employees using presentations and organize non-stop webinars.


It allows users to:

  • create web links to recorded presentations with sound from Roi4Presenter directly in the HubSpot contact

  • save information that tracks how much time the listener spent on each slide of the presentation, which slides they noted and what they wrote in the chat

  • create new contacts for presentation viewers in HubSpot, if the Roi4Presenter presentation asks the listener to enter contact details in order to continue the slide show

  • use HubSpot WorkFlow and create personal links to the selected Roi4Presenter presentation for many selected contacts at once (for mailing lists and outreach companies)


As soon as the listener enters the web link to the presentation recording or to a webinar on a website page, the presenter receives a notification in the mobile application, sees what the listener sees and hears and can begin to communicate with the listener online with video and slideshow.

“You no longer have to worry about missing a scheduled presentation, forgetting the answer to a question, not saving in your CRM data what presentation was shown, when it was seen, which contact viewed and what the listener was interested in.” 

– Paul Zhdanovych, Visionary & Founder ROI4CIO GmbH


Learn more about the integration here.


*ROI4CIO team

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