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2022 ROI4Presenter Digest Cover

Oh, such a touching moment! This is our ROI4Presenter’s first annual digest 💙

The project itself is a bit older than the digest, about half a year. Though, it is difficult to calculate exactly when the Presenter project was born. Was it with the first thoughts on how cool it would be if there was such an application for online presentations? Or when had we started to create first presentations for it? Or it was the moment when beta version and test users appeared? When users have started to register that were not our friends and colleagues (finally)?

In any case, today, our entire team knows for sure that currently the product is a year better than it was in January 2022. Though, in late February (24th, to be correct) of the previous winter, none of us were sure that we will be able to continue our work the same way we did earlier. Truthfully, in the same way, nobody wasn’t able to. But thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteers, we have been able to continue to work at all.

Almost all March the team was adjusting to the new reality. But already in April, ROI4Presenter had released its first web version and application. At that moment, we still were not fully understanding which functions were our killer features and what is not in the priority at all.  We are still moving a little clumsy toward the goal, but at least we already understand in which direction to go 😎

Towards the end of spring, the developers improved the reports that a presenter receives after someone viewing her or his slides. From that time, a report comes to the mail with such metrics like slides that were viewed and for how long, likes or dislikes on slide, a history of correspondence in the chat.

Example of reports on listener activity in ROI4Presenter


Roi4Presenter and HubSpot integration was released in May. New features made it possible to create a weblink to a presentation directly from HubSpot’s interface. The integration also allowed to save all information on a listener’s interaction with the presentation in HubSpot’s Contact. As well, it made possible to add new Contacts. To accomplish this, when setting up a presentation in ROI4Presenter, add data collection form. It can be put before a start of a presentation or before some other slide of your choice. 

To track the exact views of your slideshow, the combination of HubSpot + ROI4Presenter allows creating personal links to a selected presentation. This can be used both in individual correspondence and via automated mailing for a wider audience through HubSpot’s WorkFlow or Sequence.

Around the same time, the marketing team actively began to prepare for the epochal event: the Product Hunt launch. A couple of months apart, we had launched both ROI4Presenter and its integration with HubSpot. That was both rewarding and exhausting: in addition to the preparation, which took weeks and weeks, it was also necessary to be on duty for the first 24 hours on the launch day. 


The first time we achieved to be in top twenty products of the day, and the second one  — to be in top ten. Also, as a result of this campaign, we have gathered new ROI4Presenter admirers, better understood what to focus on, and collected some inspiring reviews.

Somewhere during the summer, an information window was added in case of lost Internet connection, which disappears when the connection is restored. It’s in no way our biggest technological breakthrough, but look how cute it is!

Screenshot of ROI4Presenter mobile application with a lost connection


More near to a breakthrough was late Summer’s another integration — Roi4Presenter+Gmail. Now, the settings of a screening and personalized links creation can be done directly from your Gmail inbox.

At the beginning of autumn, a new function appeared, customization of links. Somewhere at the that time, we had abandoned the idea of three speed variations of the presentation and the script to it, and settled for two: short and long (without an average). Though technically, there are three speeds anyway, as there is still the “Pitch” speed. The difference between the “Pitch” and the short script is that “Pitch” must be the bare essence of the presentation  — in case, you need to deliver information to a person in the shortest possible form. We thought about startups and investors while creating this option. 

November began with preparations for an offline (

😱) meeting at the Web Summit in Portugal, where several team members flew to represent us. They returned with the new confidence that there is a demand for ROI4Presenter. It was contagious.
Stand of ROI4Presenter at the Web Summit 2022 in Portugal, photo


Around the same time, a long expected integration with Calendly started working. Now, if the presenter is not available (or you are an introvert and want to postpone the inevitable communication

👀), the meeting can be scheduled on Calendly inside our service.

In December, we created new, more flexible pricing packages, but the free version of ROI4Presenter remains active.

Screenshot of pricing for a ROI4Presenter with freemium, professional and business plans


A lot of work throughout the year was done with the interface of the application, the web version and the site appearance. In December, we had switched the last pieces of app to a blue palette (from light green). Introduced a simplified registration form, the option to show or hide the slide feed when creating a screening, and moved slide reactions on the slide field.

Of course, there’s always another type of update that often doesn’t make it to such digests. At the same time, it remains the most common for these who work on IT products, and we are not exceptional. This update goes something like this in work chat: “Guys, we finally fixed all the bugs in this sprint! Again”


Compared to the previous December, our team has doubled in size. Compared to the previous December, we are way more cautious to make plans. 

But we are still not scared to dream. Our team, like everyone else, can surely state that it has been a tough year. And, in unison with others, we crave for the same thing — the end of this war. We wish ours and yours loved ones to be healthy. Everything else next year can be achieved with ROI4Presenter



ROI4Presenter Team

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