AI and the Sales Enablement Revolution

Piccadilly Flower Sellers, Herbert Ashwin Budd

Piccadilly Flower Sellers, Herbert Ashwin Budd In this blog post, we’ll explore how AI has influenced the sales enablement revolution. GPT and other artificial intelligence applications have drawn worldwide interest over the past year. According to Statista, Chat GPT had taken a mere 2.5 months to achieve a million users. In comparison, Netflix took years […]

Can one expect success without AI technologies?

Radiant blue simplistic robot in front of many smart devices and machines

Let’s address the question posed in the title right off the bat. Based on our observations, the answer is quite negative, particularly in the IT industry. Recently, our team launched Pitch Avatar, an AI presentation assistant, on Product Hunt. This tool complements and expands the capabilities of our main service, ROI4Presenter. We’re thrilled that we […]

Seize, not fear, the future

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In this article, we are exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs such as writers, artists, sales managers, and more as we navigate the evolving landscape where humans and AI collaborate. In the ongoing debate surrounding the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity, advocates for limiting technological progress have taken the lead. Notably, the […]

Pitch Avatar now live on Product Hunt

Pitch Avatar_on Product Hunt

Pitch Avatar is an AI assistant that can: 📝 Generate text scripts 🗣️ Create voice-overs of slides 👩‍💻 Make an avatar that presents instead of you 👋 Join the session online 📊 Get a detailed analytics on each session Ultimately, Pitch Avatar helps you create not only professional and effective presentations, but also achieve desired […]

The Art of Using AI

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The picture created with the help of Canva’s AI image generator The emergence of various “smart” chatbots has given rise to purely practical questions – What exactly can they do, and how can we use them? (Artificial Intelligence in this article refers to AI chatbots using Large Language Models (LLM) ) First, let’s realize that […]