Catch the customer if you can

Against the backdrop of the crisis phenomena and challenges of recent years, there is an incredible shift in the paradigm and behavior of potential B2B clients. What do they expect from us?   They want a solution to their specific problem. This means that the client expects not just a conversation but that you know […]

How to communicate with a client who does not want to

According to Gartner, 33% of customers seek to avoid interacting with a salesperson. While in the past, websites often featured a “Do not call me” option where you could check a box, now the norm is the opposite: a “Contact me” window. So, by default, communication with a salesperson is considered an additional option. This […]

Being on time means winning

The biggest challenge is to interact in a timely manner and keep the attention of a potential customer. What does it mean to reach out to a customer on time? It means hitting the exact window in their schedule when they are able and even interested in paying attention to you. Especially if you are […]

Optimal slides for a presentation

A short summary of the main principles of creating illustrations that best “load” your proposal into the audience.   The more text, the worse.     This is the basic idea that should guide you when creating a slide. Why? According to research, the human brain perceives visual information 60000 times better than textual information […]

Who are professional presenters, and what sets them apart? Part II

In the first part of the article, we’ve agreed that although presentations play a crucial role in business and education, many of them fall short of engaging audiences, a glimpse of pessimistic statistics revealing a disconnect between audience expectations and the practices of presenters. Are presentations doomed, or is there some light at the end […]

Who are professional presenters, and what sets them apart? Part I

This article delves into the world of professional presenters, exploring the statistics, challenges, and growing need for skilled individuals who can captivate audiences and deliver impactful presentations.    Presentations are invaluable tools for business and education, but are they merely that? It is widely believed that online sellers, managers, professors, startup leaders, coaches, politicians, and […]

Pick Yourself Up, Smile And Go On With The Show

Wilhelm Simmler-Auf dem Hochseil

Some speakers drive themselves to walk on a tightrope without a net (C) Wilhelm Simmler-Auf dem Hochseil The golden rule for saving a live presenter from mistakes, reservations, and technical problems.   There is an old circus anecdote, a phrase from which inspires the title of this text. It is told like this:   A […]

Improvisation During Online Presentation

A row of yellow smiling people and a one gray and sad under the magnifying glass

“Evil” viewers should not be feared, but specifically sought (С) geralt/Pixabay Tips for those who have to deal with unexpected audience reactions. Both experienced speakers and frequent visitors to online events are well aware that presenters can be conditionally divided into two categories. The first – and the minority – confidently hold the attention of […]

How To Select And Design Illustrations, Creating Presentations In The Same Style

Puzzle of 500 Euros with a few missing pieces and coins underneath

Having properly collected all the details of the presentation, you can reliably expect to be profitable (С) Wodicka/ullstein bild via Getty Images Imagine a jigsaw puzzle assembled from several different sets. Unfortunately, an online presentation or webinar can easily turn into  the same mismatched picture. We believe that most readers have come across such unsuccessful […]