Roi4Presenter Attending Web Summit 2022 in Portugal

"See you at Web Summit" banner

Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal, November 1-4 You heard right!   ROI4PRESENTER will be participating at Web Summit in Lisbon,  Portugal this year, from November 1–4, as part of the startup programme.   If you’d like to learn more about our company, come by our booth during the event.    Do not forget, ROI4PRESENTER is going […]

Presentations don’t sell, people do

A boy in a steampunk pair of glasses fixing an iron robot

People never became technophobes © WallpaperCave Once upon a time, science fiction writers predicted that machines would force people out of their trades, and that they would regret this turn in the path of progress. But those fears were not justified. People are happy to use novelties that open up new opportunities for both buyers […]

Turn an article into a live dialogue

Raphael Santi School of Athens. Fragment.

Have you ever mused on the reason why we write articles? One of the main goals, in modern slang, is lead hunting. When we speak about authors of commercial materials, these are new clients, in the case of journalists and bloggers, they are new regular readers. Unfortunately, it is always difficult to understand whether the […]