Extra long presentation

The Southbound Thames-Clyde Express by R. B. Hugill

The Southbound Thames-Clyde Express, R. B. Hugill Previously, we’ve examined use cases for creating ultra-short presentations. We’ve discovered that it’s a powerful tool when you need to interest the viewer with an idea, product, or service based on principles familiar to the targeted audience. But what about an extra long one? Does it make sense […]

Ultra-short presentations

Koloman Moser, Frommes Kalender [Fromme’s Calendar], 1899

Koloman Moser, Frommes Kalender All professional speakers are well aware of the classic presentation formula – 10 slides / 20 minutes, which is often attributed to Guy Kawasaki. Equally popular is the TED conference rule of 1 talk / 18 minutes. But every year, more and more presenters believe that these formats have become outdated. […]

How should you answer questions during an online presentation? Part II

Answering an SOS Philip M. Johnson The RNLI Henry Blogg Museum

Answering an SOS, Philip M. Johnson In the previous part, we discussed preparing yourself to answer the audience’s questions most efficiently. In this part, we focus on practical tips to implement during Question-Answer sessions. Be sure to listen to the question until the end. Even if the viewer who asks a question goes beyond the […]

How should you answer questions during an online presentation? Part I

Conversation Piece: Worcester College, Oxford Edward Irvine Halliday

Conversation Piece: Worcester College, Oxford by Edward Irvine Halliday The first part of this article is dedicated to tips on preparing yourself to answer questions before the event. In the second part, we focus on what to do directly during the question block at your presentation. Questions are good. Good questions are even better. Answering […]

Perpetual Presentation, or how endless live broadcast works

A Pottery Shop, Alfred Morgan

A Pottery Shop, Alfred Morgan When we introduce ROI4Presenter to potential clients, we are often asked what we mean by the possibility of using it to organize round-the-clock presentations. Over and over again I have to explain that this is not a beautiful figure of speech and not an advertising exaggeration. One of the goals […]

ROI4Presenter: turn online presentation into an irreplaceable tool for modern teaching

Interior of a Village School by John Morgan

Interior of a Village School by John Morgan In this article, we will discuss how to make remote classes more than a poor equivalent of traditional lectures and lessons, but their more perfect and effective alternative. Let’s start with a simple question. How do we imagine quality education? Probably images of old campuses and academic […]

The last step: the best ending for a presentation

A lecture by Cuvier by Grigory Grigorievich Gagarin with the text at the center "You can learn how to work with an audience from a good lecturer"

A lecture by Cuvier by Grigory Gagarin To lose or to gain 25% of your leads? This is almost Hamlet’s famous question, the answer to which depends on how you’ll end your online presentation.  For starters, let’s recall how presenters usually end their performance. Most of the time, it’s something like: “Thanks for your time. […]

Presentations without a speaker, voice-over or text

Puppet show on the Dam square by Anton Pieck with the text at the center "Sometimes it is better that you can't see the presenter or even hear them"

Puppet show on the Dam square by Anton Pieck Let’s take a closer look at the pros of this (far from classic) option. An online presentation without a presenter is not an unprecedented spectacle. However, the fact that he or she is not directly present on the screen does not mean that the person behind […]

How can a freelancer win a contract using a presentation

Sailboats by Christopher Eckersberg with the text at the center "The winds of freelances fortune will be in your favor if you add a presentation to your CV'

Sailboats by Christopher Eckersberg There is a widespread point of view that presentations are for those who sell, hire, teach, or learn. Many professionals do not even think about the opportunities they lose by not using online presentations in one way or another. For example, let’s look at specialists working on one-time or short-term contracts […]