Remote work is a long-term trend, not an emergency option

Two women in the same room, one is sad in black and white colors, the other one is colorful, working remotly at the laptop

Are you building your long-term strategy on the assumption that in the future we will return to “office life”? Forget it! People like to work from home and this should be taken into account. In a seemingly distant 2019, according to the International Labor Organization, only 7% of employees and the self-employed worked remotely worldwide. […]

Presentation Without Slides – Is It Even Possible?

Robot in a deserted gray land near a blue rose, Illustration by Stefan Keller, Pixabay

Live content is appropriate even in the age of high technology (С) Stefan Keller/Pixabay There is a popular point of view that a modern online presentation must contain illustrations. Many people take it for granted that without slides of all kinds a presentation looks cheap, unprofessional, and will not interest an audience.   However, our […]

Anatomy of a webinar: optimal duration, conversion, and something most important

The ideal webinar duration is 45-60 minutes People usually spend only 30 minutes watching a webinar recording Employees of commercial companies watch, on average, one webinar per week On average, only 35-45% of registered people actually attend the webinar Based on the results of the webinar, usually only 17-19% of listeners become clients Half of […]

Knockin’ on the client’s door or Effective remote presentation

The most important elements: – The information perception efficiency in remote mode is reduced by 40-50% compared to personal communication, but the remote communication stays with us for a long time (90% of company executives are of the same opinion), so something needs to be done. – The most effective way to increase the productivity […]