Presentation Without Slides – Is It Even Possible?

Live content is appropriate even in the age of high technology (С) Stefan Keller/Pixabay There is a popular point of view that a modern online presentation must contain illustrations. Many people take it for granted that without slides of all kinds a presentation looks cheap, unprofessional, and will not interest an audience.   However, our […]

Anatomy of a webinar: optimal duration, conversion, and something most important

preview Anatomy of a webinar

The ideal webinar duration is 45-60 minutes People usually spend only 30 minutes watching a webinar recording Employees of commercial companies watch, on average, one webinar per week On average, only 35-45% of registered people actually attend the webinar Based on the results of the webinar, usually only 17-19% of listeners become clients Half of […]

Knockin’ on the client’s door or Effective remote presentation

Preview knockin on the clients door

The most important elements: – The information perception efficiency in remote mode is reduced by 40-50% compared to personal communication, but the remote communication stays with us for a long time (90% of company executives are of the same opinion), so something needs to be done. – The most effective way to increase the productivity […]