R4P Customer Catcher approved: the best Salesforce tools for sales and lead generation

R4P Customer Catcher has joined the list of Salesforce partners, and what better occasion to discuss the top apps on the AppExchange that seamlessly integrate with our product and cater to the needs of sales managers?   Conga Composer Conga Composer stands out as a feature-rich document automation tool, empowering users to create branded personalized […]

ROI4Presenter May updates digest

ROI4Presenter's Cover for the digest, May

📢 Exciting News! Yesterday was our Product Hunt Launch 🎉 We’ve already discussed our new AI tool set in the previous digest. Now it is gathered under our AI assistant’s name – Pitch Avatar. That’s what the launch on Product Hunt was about. Usually, our digest covers last month’s releases, but this time we were […]

April ROI4Presenter updates, digest

ROI4Presenter Digest Cover

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing every industry, and we at ROI4Presenter are no exception! 😎 Our IT team had been working on a virtual presentation assistant even before the public release of ChatGPT. But, with its introduction, we were able to simplify some of our tasks. That’s why, in April, ROI4Presenter released multiple AI-powered features. Let’s […]

From boring to brilliant: presenter’s eight common mistakes to avoid

Happy woman with a cup sitting in front of a laptop, "whoops" is in the word bubble above her

Have you ever found yourself bored out of your mind during an online presentation? Do you wonder why some presenters can’t seem to grab your attention? Well, you’re not alone. Many people have experienced this, usually due to the presenter’s mistakes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common […]

Freedom in your pocket: how smartphones are changing the game

France in the Year 2000, Jean-Marc Côté

France in the Year 2000, Jean-Marc Côté Do you remember when people thought computers would be our downfall, chaining us to our desks for eternity? Well, fortunately, today’s mobile devices have liberated us from that dystopian future. In fact, did you know that smartphones are now so advanced that they can be considered personal computers […]

Why should communication be the focus of your online presentation strategy?

Winslow Homer – Boy Fishing

Boy Fishing by Winslow Homer A good salesperson knows that a potential client needs to be provided with an opportunity to talk, and not less, but more than the seller. The optimal format of communication ending with a purchase is 30-40% from the seller and 60-70% from the buyer. With a properly organized dialogue, the […]

March ROI4Presenter updates, digest

ROI4Presenter Digest cover: blue background with a calendar and alarm clock on it

This month, the development team not only worked on updating existing tools (and fixing bugs, of course 😅) but also released a whole new sub-service of the ROI4-ecosystem. Enter ROI4Buyer! 🎉 ROI4Buyer is an extension of interactive presentations for communicating with sellers through a presentation. In addition to the usual features, such as asking questions […]

Powerful combo: ROI4Presenter and other HubSpot Sales Enablement tools

Magnetos Simms' Carburate, Vintage Car on a Racing Track Gerry Fruin

Magnetos Simms’ Carburate, Gerry Fruin In 2022, our ROI4Presenter appeared in HubSpot’s Best Sales Enablement Apps collection. So, this seems like a good opportunity for a short review of several new products that have interested us in this category. ROI4Presenter Online presentations, product demo and lead generation Let’s start, of course, with ourselves. For those […]

Ultra-short presentations

Koloman Moser, Frommes Kalender [Fromme’s Calendar], 1899

Koloman Moser, Frommes Kalender All professional speakers are well aware of the classic presentation formula – 10 slides / 20 minutes, which is often attributed to Guy Kawasaki. Equally popular is the TED conference rule of 1 talk / 18 minutes. But every year, more and more presenters believe that these formats have become outdated. […]