ROI4Presenter – a solution that makes all tools more efficient

Certainly, the B2B sales arsenal can be used in various ways, and everyone has their own approach. Some sell straightforwardly, while others try to build special relationships with each client. Finding your own working style is crucial. But in any case, it all comes down to communication with the client. Statistics show that a successful […]

Dare to dream: lessons from world-known inventors and presenters

Toy Boat at Selsey, Kenneth Rowntree

Toy Boat at Selsey, Kenneth Rowntree We’ve witnessed business visionaries like Steve Jobs, whose groundbreaking presentations captivated audiences worldwide, read countless articles and books on the subject, and yet wonder how such people drive progress. And most importantly, how can we follow in their footsteps? The crux of the matter lies in our approach. The […]

Presentations For SDR – ‘Cheat Sheet’ And ‘Business Card’

Man diving with a fish as seen from a submarine window, cover

A lot depends on a timely prompt in the ocean of business (С) Michael Stephens PA Images One of the most difficult tasks facing large and rapidly growing companies is working with sales representatives. Familiarizing the SDR team with all the products offered, providing each employee with the necessary materials, ensuring that sales representatives do […]

Where Can You Get Free Illustrations For Online Presentations And Webinars?

Green frog in a swimming circle, illustration by Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

Worried about drowning in a sea of ​​stock images? Catch our lifeline! (C) Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos Even if you have a unique visual material that you created yourself, ordered or bought, do not skip this text. Any presenter sooner or later faces the problem of finding free illustrations. Let’s start with the obvious – you can absolutely […]

Personal, 24/7 Webinars Already A Reality

Andres Garcia Benitez, Carteles

Successful presentation = Increased sales (С) Andres Garcia Benitez/Carteles In terms of effectively warming up a lead, the ideal webinar is a personal one. It is in this format that you can pay maximum attention to the representative (or representatives) of each client. A personal webinar allows you to answer all questions and clarify the […]

Forget About Images – Make Presentations!

George Dunlop – The Goldfish Seller

You can’t sell a product without a good presentation© George Dunlop – The Goldfish Seller One of the most amazing phenomena in modern, online sales  is the continuing reliance on images by retailers. Despite the ever-increasing competition, most online stores still provide the customer with a brief description and two or three photographs, which are […]

Is Live Communication Possible In Online Stores?

Human and robotic hands are reaching out for each other as an homage to the Adam touching the hand of God, Michelangelo

Let’s try to understand whether the advantages of traditional communication between the seller and the client can be transferred to online trading? Worldwide shopping on screen In recent years, online sales have evolved from an alternative to classic stores and markets into one of the whales on which modern business is based. In developed countries, […]

How Important Is a Presentation Skill?

A man stands in the door frame with a text over him, "How important is a presentation skill?"

Why are presentation skills important? Shortly speaking, the ability to present yourself, your idea, your product is critical. An effective presentation will help you present your projects, plans, and products to an audience, both online and offline. The importance of presentation skills benefits communication skills, builds confidence, and helps to become an effective leader. This is […]

Presentations don’t sell, people do

A boy in a steampunk pair of glasses fixing an iron robot

People never became technophobes © WallpaperCave Once upon a time, science fiction writers predicted that machines would force people out of their trades, and that they would regret this turn in the path of progress. But those fears were not justified. People are happy to use novelties that open up new opportunities for both buyers […]