Surprising presentation viewers – how, and for what purpose?

The colorful and surprising is hard to resist...(C) Peter Paul Rubens - Adam and Eve

Let’s start by answering the second part of the question first. For what purpose? Of course, the answer is to increase conversions and drive sales. Please take immediate note that, even if you are working with non-commercial presentations, don’t be in rush to close this tab. The methods used to make a sale are also […]

How to properly answer questions from online presentation viewers?

We provide a few tips that will help satisfy the audience’s curiosity so they can’t refuse your offer.   First, let’s understand why the “question and answer” mode is needed in an online presentation. To satisfy the curiosity of the inquirers? Well, as a secondary goal, it will do. But the primary purpose of questions […]

What do viewers want?

Let’s talk about the approach that underlies a truly successful presentation.   Don’t be Salespeople   What do most presenters think about when they start working on an online event? What do they prioritize? Of course, their product, their merchandise, their idea! The desire to sell, inform, and communicate is the starting point for most […]

Conduct a team presentation… Without a team

Honestly, have we intrigued you? We hope so. Especially since we’re not exaggerating or trying to mislead you with a promising headline. We will actually show you how to have your own team of speakers and presenters that can change based on the specific online content and event.   But first, let’s understand why this […]

What is Lead Capture Software and how do you choose appropriate solutions?

Let’s start with the main thing, namely a clear definition of what exactly the software, commonly referred to as Lead Capture Software, is created to solve.    In its most concise form, it sounds like this: Lead Capture Software – tools that help you find and collect information about potential customers who are interested in […]

“Grow or Die” or 8.5 tips on how to survive on the startup planet

There are plenty of reasons for a business to fail. Most of them left beyond statistics, as we know about unsuccessful attempts only of those who showed some “signs of life”. Most attempts never even left the kitchen, where the blueprint was discussed. However, we have enough data to offer a few tips to make […]

ROI4Presenter – a solution that makes all tools more efficient

Certainly, the B2B sales arsenal can be used in various ways, and everyone has their own approach. Some sell straightforwardly, while others try to build special relationships with each client. Finding your own working style is crucial. But in any case, it all comes down to communication with the client. Statistics show that a successful […]

The Boyd Loop as a Presenter’s Tool, or Order vs. Chaos

Take advantage of a universal strategic formula to create online events and other content.   As sad as it is, it’s worth recognizing – many online presentation writers often produce content that looks like a chaotic mess. In accomplishing this, they either spend more time than necessary to achieve the desired result or sacrifice quality […]

Catch the customer if you can

Against the backdrop of the crisis phenomena and challenges of recent years, there is an incredible shift in the paradigm and behavior of potential B2B clients. What do they expect from us?   They want a solution to their specific problem. This means that the client expects not just a conversation but that you know […]

How to communicate with a client who does not want to

According to Gartner, 33% of customers seek to avoid interacting with a salesperson. While in the past, websites often featured a “Do not call me” option where you could check a box, now the norm is the opposite: a “Contact me” window. So, by default, communication with a salesperson is considered an additional option. This […]