Powerful combo: ROI4Presenter and other HubSpot Sales Enablement tools

Magnetos Simms' Carburate, Vintage Car on a Racing Track Gerry Fruin

Magnetos Simms’ Carburate, Gerry Fruin In 2022, our ROI4Presenter appeared in HubSpot’s Best Sales Enablement Apps collection. So, this seems like a good opportunity for a short review of several new products that have interested us in this category. ROI4Presenter Online presentations, product demo and lead generation Let’s start, of course, with ourselves. For those […]

Optimizing the digital workplace: key tools and practices

Vector illustration of two laptops and a few notebooks with a framed text in the center "Let's take a quick look at the key practices that might help you optimize your digital workspace"

The digital workspace has been around for a while. In fact, many organizations have been using it to raise employee engagement and productivity. However, the concept came into its own during the pandemic and the ensuing near-global lockdown. While remote work has become more of a norm than an exception in our post-pandemic world, the […]

A Win-Win Resume, or a Presentation of Yourself

Giovanni Paolo Pannini, The Lottery in Piazza di Montecitorio with a framed text in the center, "The job search is a lottery. But who said it has to be boring?"

Picture by Giovanni Paolo Pannini – The Lottery in Piazza di Montecitorio Everyone knows it is challenging to find a good job by posting personal resumes on specialized services. As to find the ideal employee or contractor, too. This is a real lottery with little chance of success and minimal jackpot. This is because most […]

Online Presentation: Recorded Vs Live

ROI4Presenter use case for startups

Do you need to create a special version of an online event to post and send as a recording? Yes, yes, and yes again. We will tell you why. Until now, many presenters believed that a presentation must take place live. Recording online events has been treated by many as of secondary importance, and they […]

Google Chrome email extensions for salespeople

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On the occasion of the release of ROI4Presenter Customer Catcher, we have prepared an overview of some of the most useful theme tools in the Chrome store. ROI4Presenter Customer Catcher Let’s begin, certainly, by drawing your attention to our product. What is Roi4Presener Customer Catcher? It is an extension you can use to create a […]

Pick Yourself Up, Smile And Go On With The Show

Wilhelm Simmler-Auf dem Hochseil

Some speakers drive themselves to walk on a tightrope without a net (C) Wilhelm Simmler-Auf dem Hochseil The golden rule for saving a live presenter from mistakes, reservations, and technical problems.   There is an old circus anecdote, a phrase from which inspires the title of this text. It is told like this:   A […]

Improvisation During Online Presentation

A row of yellow smiling people and a one gray and sad under the magnifying glass

“Evil” viewers should not be feared, but specifically sought (С) geralt/Pixabay Tips for those who have to deal with unexpected audience reactions. Both experienced speakers and frequent visitors to online events are well aware that presenters can be conditionally divided into two categories. The first – and the minority – confidently hold the attention of […]

What Is An Online Presentation?

Fritz Beinke «The juggler- a village fair»

The fight for the attention of an audience is an art, not a craft (С) Fritz Beinke «The juggler- a village fair» Do not rush to dismiss this question as banal. It is better that you try to formulate an answer to it. After digging on the Internet and talking with colleagues, you will probably […]

The Main Thing In A Webinar – Answers To Questions

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A good salesperson masters the art of dialogue with a client. (С) GraphicaArtist Don’t believe it? If this is an exaggeration, it is not much of one.   While working on Roi4Presenter, it is no coincidence that we gave so much attention to creating the most efficient and convenient feedback system. How important is this, […]

How To Select And Design Illustrations, Creating Presentations In The Same Style

Puzzle of 500 Euros with a few missing pieces and coins underneath

Having properly collected all the details of the presentation, you can reliably expect to be profitable (С) Wodicka/ullstein bild via Getty Images Imagine a jigsaw puzzle assembled from several different sets. Unfortunately, an online presentation or webinar can easily turn into  the same mismatched picture. We believe that most readers have come across such unsuccessful […]