ROI4Presenter – a solution that makes all tools more efficient

Certainly, the B2B sales arsenal can be used in various ways, and everyone has their own approach. Some sell straightforwardly, while others try to build special relationships with each client. Finding your own working style is crucial. But in any case, it all comes down to communication with the client. Statistics show that a successful […]

The Boyd Loop as a Presenter’s Tool, or Order vs. Chaos

Take advantage of a universal strategic formula to create online events and other content.   As sad as it is, it’s worth recognizing – many online presentation writers often produce content that looks like a chaotic mess. In accomplishing this, they either spend more time than necessary to achieve the desired result or sacrifice quality […]

Optimal slides for a presentation

A short summary of the main principles of creating illustrations that best “load” your proposal into the audience.   The more text, the worse.     This is the basic idea that should guide you when creating a slide. Why? According to research, the human brain perceives visual information 60000 times better than textual information […]

R4P Customer Catcher approved: the best Salesforce tools for sales and lead generation

R4P Customer Catcher has joined the list of Salesforce partners, and what better occasion to discuss the top apps on the AppExchange that seamlessly integrate with our product and cater to the needs of sales managers?   Conga Composer Conga Composer stands out as a feature-rich document automation tool, empowering users to create branded personalized […]

The Art of Using AI

A robotic woman in a retro-wave color palette on the background of sky scrappers

The picture created with the help of Canva’s AI image generator The emergence of various “smart” chatbots has given rise to purely practical questions – What exactly can they do, and how can we use them? (Artificial Intelligence in this article refers to AI chatbots using Large Language Models (LLM) ) First, let’s realize that […]

Powerful combo: ROI4Presenter and other HubSpot Sales Enablement tools

Magnetos Simms' Carburate, Vintage Car on a Racing Track Gerry Fruin

Magnetos Simms’ Carburate, Gerry Fruin In 2022, our ROI4Presenter appeared in HubSpot’s Best Sales Enablement Apps collection. So, this seems like a good opportunity for a short review of several new products that have interested us in this category. ROI4Presenter Online presentations, product demo and lead generation Let’s start, of course, with ourselves. For those […]

Optimizing the digital workplace: key tools and practices

Vector illustration of two laptops and a few notebooks with a framed text in the center "Let's take a quick look at the key practices that might help you optimize your digital workspace"

The digital workspace has been around for a while. In fact, many organizations have been using it to raise employee engagement and productivity. However, the concept came into its own during the pandemic and the ensuing near-global lockdown. While remote work has become more of a norm than an exception in our post-pandemic world, the […]

A Win-Win Resume, or a Presentation of Yourself

Giovanni Paolo Pannini, The Lottery in Piazza di Montecitorio with a framed text in the center, "The job search is a lottery. But who said it has to be boring?"

Picture by Giovanni Paolo Pannini – The Lottery in Piazza di Montecitorio Everyone knows it is challenging to find a good job by posting personal resumes on specialized services. As to find the ideal employee or contractor, too. This is a real lottery with little chance of success and minimal jackpot. This is because most […]