The Main Thing In A Webinar – Answers To Questions

A good salesperson masters the art of dialogue with a client. (С) GraphicaArtist Don’t believe it? If this is an exaggeration, it is not much of one.   While working on Roi4Presenter, it is no coincidence that we gave so much attention to creating the most efficient and convenient feedback system. How important is this, […]

How To Select And Design Illustrations, Creating Presentations In The Same Style

Having properly collected all the details of the presentation, you can reliably expect to be profitable (С) Wodicka/ullstein bild via Getty Images Imagine a jigsaw puzzle assembled from several different sets. Unfortunately, an online presentation or webinar can easily turn into  the same mismatched picture. We believe that most readers have come across such unsuccessful […]

Slides Without A Speaker Are An Exception To Keep In Mind

Sometimes it’s better for a presenter to become ‘invisible’ (C) Victor Gabriel Gilbert – Marionettes (Les Marionettes) Is the presence of the presenter “in the frame” mandatory? Most experts in the theory and practice of online presentations think so. The feeling of eye contact, the impact on the audience with the help of gestures, facial […]

Presentation Without Slides – Is It Even Possible?

Live content is appropriate even in the age of high technology (С) Stefan Keller/Pixabay There is a popular point of view that a modern online presentation must contain illustrations. Many people take it for granted that without slides of all kinds a presentation looks cheap, unprofessional, and will not interest an audience.   However, our […]

How Long Should An Online Presentation Take?

Time is money (C) Bettmann/Getty Images This is a rare case when the title question can be answered directly: The less, the better!   “Simplicity is the basis of sophistication” – these words from Leonardo da Vinci can serve as the motto for any good presentation. The paradox of creativity is that it is impossible […]

TUTOR: No Repetition, Only Creativity

Probably not a single person, even remotely connected with education, will argue with the fact that these days a good tutor is worth their weight in gold. Individual lessons with a teaching specialist have always been and remain one of the most effective ways to acquire new knowledge and skills or improve what has been […]

Presentations For SDR – ‘Cheat Sheet’ And ‘Business Card’

A lot depends on a timely prompt in the ocean of business (С) Michael Stephens PA Images One of the most difficult tasks facing large and rapidly growing companies is working with sales representatives.   Familiarizing the SDR team with all the products offered, providing each employee with the necessary materials, ensuring that sales representatives […]

Where Can You Get Free Illustrations For Online Presentations And Webinars?

Worried about drowning in a sea of ​​stock images? Catch our lifeline! (C) Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos Even if you have a unique visual material that you created yourself, ordered or bought, do not skip this text. Any presenter sooner or later faces the problem of finding free illustrations. Let’s start with the obvious – you can absolutely […]

Roi4Presenter Is The Best Outreach Solution

Attracting the attention of the target audience has always been one of the most important secrets to success (С) ​​Anton Pieck “Showcase of candy” We want to tell you how to increase the efficiency of working with your target audience using our tool.   To begin with, let’s specify what the outreach method is and […]

Our Cheat Sheet For Online Presentations

A good presenter should be able to speak the language of his audience (C) BBC Let’s clarify – the Roi4Presenter team knows that every presentation requires an individual creative approach. Each product and each target audience is unique. Do not use our text as a universal template  for your efforts. Rather, it is a set […]