The Main Thing In A Webinar – Answers To Questions

A good salesperson masters the art of dialogue with a client. (С) GraphicaArtist Don’t believe it? If this is an exaggeration, it is not much of one.   While working on Roi4Presenter, it is no coincidence that we gave so much attention to creating the most efficient and convenient feedback system. How important is this, […]

Presentation Without Slides – Is It Even Possible?

Live content is appropriate even in the age of high technology (С) Stefan Keller/Pixabay There is a popular point of view that a modern online presentation must contain illustrations. Many people take it for granted that without slides of all kinds a presentation looks cheap, unprofessional, and will not interest an audience.   However, our […]

Can You Use Videos And Animations As Illustrations?

Video illustrations should not be feared, but they should not be taken lightly (C) film frame The Ring (2002, DreamWorks Pictures). Let’s start with a short answer: ‘Yes’. We will, however, immediately add that this should be done very carefully, after weighing all the pros and cons.   Unlike live speeches in front of an […]