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ROI4Presenter Digest Cover

April ROI4Presenter updates, digest

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing every industry, and we at ROI4Presenter are no exception! 😎 Our IT team had been working on a virtual presentation assistant

ROI4Presenter Digest cover: blue background with a calendar and alarm clock on it

March ROI4Presenter updates, digest

This month, the development team not only worked on updating existing tools (and fixing bugs, of course 😅) but also released a whole new sub-service

ROI4Presenter digest cover

February ROI4Presenter updates, digest

Salute! The shortest month of the year and the last month of winter ended, and with it – another sprint of our development team. Describing

ROI4Presenter Monthly Digest Cover

January updates, digest

Despite January holidays (or thanks to them?) this month, our team has released a significant update — ROI4Presenter Web App. The functionality of the web

2022 ROI4Presenter Digest Cover

ROI4Presenter: our 2022

Oh, such a touching moment! This is our ROI4Presenter’s first annual digest 💙 The project itself is a bit older than the digest, about half